Do You Know What It Could Mean if Meghan Closed the Belt in the Last Hole?

And the indication of pregnancy number 2157357 arrived last night. Do we need more evidence?

Yesterday was a VERY busy day for Meghan Markle. In the morning he attended a mass for the centenary of the RAF in London, in the afternoon she landed in Dublin for his first official trip and in the evening he attended a cocktail party in her honor. In all these moments we could more or less intuit that maybe ‘something’ could be happening under their high-end looks, which seemed designed to not let Meghan’s abdomen see very clearly. And in this night reception was, again, a dress that could have thrown the umpteenth proof of an incipient real pregnancy. Pay attention: have you noticed what button the Duchess of Sussex has closed her belt? Ojito:

Meghan attended with Prince Harry to a cocktail party that the British embassy in Dublin offered for them. She wore a New Look style dress signed by Emilia Wickstead, one of Kate Middleton’s favorites. Yes, the same cut as that Dior in the morning, but with short sleeves. To mark the waist more (which could be losing by being already at some point of its gestation) this piece has a thick belt that Markle has closed … as far as she could. Because she has only been able to close it in the last hole, the largest one.

If we consult the guide (politically incorrect) of pregnancies celebrities that we elaborated some time ago, Meghan is beginning to fulfill some of the points that we pointed out. For example, it seems that she has opted for narrow but strategically placed garments that would disguise an incipient petticoat and a waist that becomes more and more diffused. In addition, her hair and skin are glowing, one of the most visible pregnancy symptoms.

” But I was drinking champagne last night,” you say. Well, were we there opening the bottle and prancing it? Who knows if it was a substitute without alcohol that looks like the original drink.

The question is, how much longer will they wait to make the announcement?


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