Trump’s Longtime Driver Sues for Several Years of Unpaid Overtime

According to the lawsuit, even though Trump is a multi-millionaire he did not raise the salary to his ex-driver for more than twelve years

The one that during more than two decades was the personal driver of Donald Trump sued Monday to the company of the president of the United States by supposedly to have forced to him to work thousands of extra hours without remuneration.

The driver, Noel Cintron, says that for years he worked an average of between 50 and 55 hours a week and charged only his base salary, without the extra payments to which he was legally entitled.

In his lawsuit, filed before a court in New York, Cintron claims compensation for a total of 3,300 hours, corresponding to the last six years in which he worked as Trump’s driver.

The request is limited to that period since the statute of limitations prevents him from claiming previous issues, as explained by his lawyer in the brief.

Cintron, who still works for the Trump Corporation, says he was the personal driver of the New York mogul until he became a presidential candidate when the task was assumed by the Secret Service.

According to the suit, Trump’s “insensitivity and greed” are demonstrated by the fact that, being allegedly a multimillionaire, the now-president did not give his driver a significant pay raise for more than twelve years.

Cintron says its annual salary went from $ 62,700 per year in 2003 to 68,000 in 2006 and then to 75,000 in 2010.

That latest increase, however, came after medical benefits were withdrawn that, he says, saved the company almost $ 18,000 a year.

The lawsuit joins other previous employees of Trump, who currently has numerous problems with the Justice, starting with the investigation on the so-called Russian plot.

Among other cases, the President has also opened one for allegedly illegally using the foundation that bears his name for his own benefit and another for defamation, presented by a woman who accused him of sexual abuse.


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