Rescued the 12 Children and Their Trainer Trapped in a Cave in Thailand

The rescue teams have evacuated on Tuesday the last four children and their tutor trapped in a cave in northern Thailand, which have been rescued the 13 people cloistered in the cave, as confirmed by the Thai Navy. The twelve “boars” (as the boys are known) and their trainer are safe, the Navy pointed out in a message posted on Facebook.

The 13 will stay at least one week in the provincial hospital of Chiang Rai to undergo a complete medical check-up. As in previous operations, the kids have been phased out, the Springs News channel reported. The ninth rescued has left the cave at 16.12 local time (09.12 GMT), the tenth at 16.33 (09.33 GMT), the eleventh at 17.13 (10.13 GMT), the twelfth at 18.18 (11.18 GMT) and the last, Coach Ekapol Chantawong at 18.46 (11.46 GMT).

A helicopter has flown over the press center minutes after the departure of the last rescued in apparent tasks of emergency transfer to the hospital. The international contingent of rescue divers re-entered this morning in the cavity at 10.09 local time (03.09 GMT) with the aim of returning with the five people who were still trapped then, explained Narongsak Ossottanakorn, spokesman for the operation.

The officer has indicated that four other people – a doctor and three members of the Navy – have finally left the grotto after spending days on medical and psychological assistance for the group of children. This third operation has been slower than those carried out on the eve and on Sunday due to the greater number of people evacuated and the rains that had hit the region in the last hours.

The rescue members, together with the children, have overcome a complex of labyrinthine partially flooded galleries with unevenness and zero visibility to reach the mouth of the cave. Assisted by two divers, the kids have had to dive along some of the galleries. The prime minister of the country, Prayut Chan-Ochau, has clarified on Twitter about the rescue that has been provided to the children during their exit from the grotto to avoid panic attacks but has denied that they were anesthetics, as It has been rumored in social networks.

The difficulty of the operation was evident with the death on Thursday of a volunteer who was a member of elite marine groups after running out of oxygen during an underwater mission.

At the hospital

The Prime Minister visited the hospitalized children and relatives of these hours on Monday night after coming to the cave to thank the work of more than 100 people who have participated in the operations, including the Spanish volunteer Fernando Raigal

The children, many of whom did not know how to swim, began taking their first dive lessons last week once they were found after nine days of intense searching.

They recover without serious problems

The health authorities of the Asian country have confirmed on Tuesday that the children rescued in the previous days “recover” and do not suffer serious problems.

A group of school children in India pray for the children trapped in the cave in Thailand. SAM PANTHAKY AFP

The doctors have analyzed the blood and lungs of children, in addition to injecting them with a serum to improve their defenses and administer several vaccines, said Secretary of Public Health Jetsada Chokedamrongsuk at a press conference.

Two of the children who were rescued on Sunday show slight irregularities in their breathing, so the doctors suspect they may suffer from pneumonia. The first four arrived with signs of hypothermia, due to the harsh conditions faced in the grotto and during the diving stage that they had to overcome to go outside. Another one has a small cut on the right leg.

“Children are being fed with soft, easy-to-digest meals,” said Dr. Jetsada, as he impacted on the weight loss of the kids.

None have a fever and psychological support is being given. The eight will continue to be admitted for at least one more week.

“We are happy”

The rescued boys have not yet been able to have direct contact with their relatives, who have had to see them through a glass to prevent them from being infected by any disease due to the weak immune system of the rescued.

“We miss our house” and “we are happy”, are some of the first words that schoolchildren, between 12 and 14 years old, said when they arrived at the health center.

The group can see through a monitor the matches of the World Cup in Russia, but Jetsada rejected for medical reasons the invitation of FIFA so that they could see live the final of the championship, next Sunday.

More infographics in Statista

The thirteen – twelve schoolchildren between 11 and 16 and their guardian of 26 – went into the galleries more than two weeks ago after finishing a football training when a sudden storm began to flood the cavity and cut the exit.

The Prime Minister announced on Tuesday the implementation of new security measures, both inside and outside, in the cave of Tham Luang, in order to protect future tourists. “In the future, we will have to control the entrance and exit of the cave, this cave has become famous throughout the world … we have to install more lights and signs in the interior”, said the ‘premier’. “It’s a dangerous cave,” he added.

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