How the Children Came to the Cave in Thailand

Soldiers leave the cave area of Tham Luang, in Thailand, where the cave is. YE AUNG THU AFP

After the two days of rescue in the cave of Tham Luang in Thailand, today the third day has resumed so that the people who still remain in the interior can see the light of the day before the threat of heavy rains comes true. But, what happened so that twelve children and their trainer walked for kilometers inside, they were caught and unable to leave?

Who are the 12 children?

The kids, between 11 and 16 years old, are part of the Mu Pa (Wild Boar) children’s soccer academy, in the Mae Sai district, in northern Thailand.

Are alone?

No. They entered the cave with their trainer, a 25-year-old man, on June 23.

Why did they enter?

The tourist cave of Tham Luang is a set of narrow cavities and narrow corridors of 10 kilometers under the mountain of Doi Nang Non, in the Thai province of Chiang Rai, where they arrived on their bicycles after a workout.

If it is a tourist place, why have they been trapped?

At the entrance of the same, there is a sign that prohibits entering if it is a rainy season as it is now. So far what has transpired is that they were lost inside by a sudden and continuous downpour. The flood of water prevented them from leaving. The kids did not know how to swim.

Who gave the alarm?

The mother of one of the children warned of the disappearance of her son, who was part of the football team. After the complaint, a search operation was launched.

For how many days did you not know anything about his whereabouts?

Ten days passed without any news of the boys and their coach. From June 23 to July 2.

How did it happen to them?

Bicycles left at the entrance to the cave were key. A guard from the National Parks Department alerted the authorities when they found them.

After the discovery, what was done to get them out?

The Thai government led the operation with the help of countries such as Australia, the United States, Japan, and China as well as international experts in diving and spelunking.

Three expert British divers entered the cave, whose narrow channels were flooded. On July 2 they found the 12 children and their coach who were waiting crowded on a rock. His condition was good but they were weakened after ten days without taking any food or liquid. The first measure was to feed them and medicate them so that they recovered their strength while studying the best way to proceed with the complicated rescue. In addition, they were provided with artificial light and provided mobile phones to talk with their families.

How many people work in the rescue?

The experts are part of a team of more than 1,300 people and then there are neighbors in the area, volunteers, who prepare food and help rescuers.

How far are you from the entrance to the cave?

4 kilometers away

What are the main complications?

The first and fundamental is that the children did not know how to dive and even swim. The second, the threat of heavy rains. In fact, military equipment is located outside the mountain with the task of blocking the entry of water into the underground tunnels and preventing the water filtered by the mountain from flooding the galleries and canceling the drainage.

Was it risky to get them diving?

One of the expert divers of the rescue operation, a 38-year-old Thai, died when he brought food and materials to the group. He finished the oxygen. It was a jug of cold water for a whole country (not to say the world) pending the lives of the boys and their coach. A Thai dipper who had gone in said that the water was so cloudy that they could barely see underwater despite their lanterns.

What led to the start of the operation?

The rescue operation started when the rains of the mozón were imminent. Two expert divers were arranged per child. That’s why the rescue began last Sunday.

In what way has it developed?

Each child has been driven by two drivers who have used rope guides for different sections of the 4 kilometers to cross, illuminated with flashlights. The divers carried the oxygen bottle of the child who had been wearing a mask.

The mode in which the rescue was carried out

SOURCE: Channel NewAsia and own elaboration.                                            THE WORLD GRAPHICS

Do you know the identities you have already left?

No. They have been transferred to the Chiang Rai hospital and their names have not been provided so as not to create more suffering among families, friends, and acquaintances. “Another boar came out of the cave,” is the cryptic message from the SEALs of the Thai Navy.

Where are the children already rescued?

The children already rescued are in good health and remain hospitalized in Chiang Rai. They have not yet been able to have direct contact with their relatives, who have had to see them through a glass to prevent them from being infected by any disease due to the weak immune system of the kids.


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