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4 Great Summer Destinations for Teenagers in the World

Great Summer Destinations : On trips, teenagers seek above all fun. In these cities you will find it, and also many other possibilities for fun.

Great Summer Destinations
Great Summer Destinations

Traveling with teenagers is not always easy, because they have different interests than adults. Therefore, we then travel to some of the great summer destinations for teenagers , those that offer a lot of options for them to avoid getting bored. Do you dare to discover what they are?

London, one of the great summer destinations for teenagers

Great Summer Destinations
Great Summer Destinations

The English capital offers numerous possibilities for teenagers to enjoy their holidays. And, in addition to sightseeing, can do activities of the most diverse, such as climbing the London Eye or marvel at the extravagance that shows the Camden market.

Another of the strengths of London are its museums , as it has spaces of great educational interest, such as the Museum of Natural Sciences. But there are others who will also love it, such as the Madame Tussauds, where they can be photographed with the wax figures of a large number of celebrities.

On the other hand, teenagers who are followers of the Harry Potter saga can visit some of its scenarios: the Millennium Bridge, the King’s Cross station, Piccadilly Circus, Leadenhall Market …. And of course, you can watch the Warner Bross studios, where the original set of the films is preserved.

New York,NY

Great Summer Destinations
Great Summer Destinations

The American city is one of great summer destinations for teenagers, partly because it has been the scene of films and series that they have seen. Thus, just step on New York can feel as if they starred in a film when visiting such emblematic places as the Empire State Building , Times Square or Central Park.

New York is also a very good destination for those who like sports , they can go see the Yankees or the Knicks. And what to say about the purchases, in fact, there are several outlets that allow you to buy clothes from well-known brands at a more than affordable price. The problem will come at the time of making the suitcase.

Also, when traveling in summer it is more than advisable to travel to Coney Island , where you can bathe in one of its beaches. And they will have a great time at the attractions of Luna Park, especially at Thunderbolt, a roller coaster with a ninety degree drop. Not forgetting Nathan’s hot dogs.


Great Summer Destinations
Great Summer Destinations

For teenagers perhaps the biggest attraction of Paris is Disneyland Paris . And this park is not just a children’s thing. In it there are several attractions that will delight young people, such as Space Mountain 2; but also several worlds perfectly set in the movies produced by the animation giant.

After enjoying Disney magic, there’s nothing like taking pictures and climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower ; do the same with the Montmartre hill; Take a cruise on the Seine or one of the many cultural activities organized …

All these possibilities make the French capital one of the great summer destinations for teenagers. A destination in which everyone will enjoy equally.

“Of my nonsense of youth what gives me more pain is not to have committed them, but to not be able to commit them again.” -Pierre Benoit-


Great Summer Destinations
Great Summer Destinations

And in Spain, among the summer destinations for teenagers, Barcelona stands out. You can not stop going to its beaches, such as Barceloneta, the best known and busiest in Barcelona. This, in addition to having all the possible facilities and services (sports areas …), always has a very lively atmosphere.

The days of the beach can be alternated with others to discover all the possibilities offered by Barcelona . You can visit the Park Güell, climb by cable car to Montjuïc and stay to see the Magic Fountain show, walk the Ramblas or simply enjoy the views from one of the many terraces there.

Also, you can take advantage of the proximity to Tarragona to spend a day at the PortAventura theme park , where you can have a great time at its attractions. The most daring can, for example, test their adrenaline in Shambhala, the second highest roller coaster in Europe, with a drop of seventy-eight meters.

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