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Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Semifinalists

France, Belgium, England, and Croatia will seek their place in the final of July 15 in Moscow to try to lift the World Cup

  • The four semifinals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia present some strengths and weaknesses that we present below:

    The French start as one of the favorites to be in the final.




1. Lethal with spaces, where his star shines, Mbappe, as against Argentina.

2. The very athletic team that goes very well on set pieces, as against Uruguay

3. The pair of sides, Lucas Hernández and Pavard, of the best of the World Cup.


1. It does not have a creative midfield; to his most technical medium (Rabiot) he left it in Paris.

2. Collective defense is confused, it is nothing new.

3. His center forward, Giroud, has not scored and Griezmann has lacked some regularity in the brilliance.



1. Dominate transitions like nobody else, that’s how it ended with Brazil and with the score in favor it is very comfortable.

2. Has plan B with the size of many of its players. He used it before Japan and it worked.

3. Roberto Martínez, the coach who wins games with the board, as against Brazil.


1. He gets stuck in front of teams that close and make him run after the ball (Japan a good time)

2. Does not have a single constructive player in the field center

3. The sides are very offensive and they discover their back



1. Southgate does not invent, exploits the resources of the entire squad (All but Pope and Butland have played, substitute goalkeepers)

2. He has silenced the eternal debate of the goal. He already has a goalkeeper: Jordan Pickford.

3. Kane has six goals (World Cup top scorer) but it’s more than a nine: he and Lingard support static attacks by the English.


1. His attack jams in the center and without depth, until the laterals appear, especially Trippier.

2. It has no creative players but Southgate knows it and handles other weapons

3. Sterling still does not see the door and before Sweden, he looked anxious.



1. Rakitic and Modric are a couple of super central midfielders and with Modric of playmaker also looks this Croatia

2. The level of the attack takes years to the great level and in the Worldwide one has given to know Rebic, good even out of his position

3. Subasic, insurance in penalties.


1. Vida and Lovren are not the best central players but they are saving the ballot

2. Until Rakitic takes the helm Croatia is a vulgar team

3. Unconquered set pieces, as in the second goal of Russia in extra-quarters


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