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Four Rescued From the Cave in Thailand and Work Will Resume

The four children rescued this Sunday were taken by helicopter to the provincial hospital in Chiang Rai, where their health status is assessed. Monday will resume the rescue work that can take two to three days

  • “The mission has been more successful than we expected,” the lifeguard’s spokesman said.

The rescue teams pulled out four of the twelve children and one adult trapped for more than two weeks in a cave in northern Thailand on Sunday, in a complicated operation that will resume on Monday.

The four rescued were transferred by helicopter to the provincial hospital of Chiang Rai, where they will proceed to assess their health status.

Narongsak Ossottanakorn, the official spokesman for the relief teams, said the situation of the children is “perfect”, but declined to specify their names or their ages.

“The mission has been more successful than we expected,” the spokesman said.

Finally, four children have been taken out of the cave, after local media, quoting official sources, spoke at the beginning of six.

The official asked the media not to be swayed by rumors, referring to local media reports pointing to two other children evacuated.

Rescue work will resume on Monday, interrupted this Sunday because the relief teams need to replace the compressed air bottles placed along the journey and evaluate the new phase of the operation.

“We will start between ten hours and less than twenty-four,” said Narongsak, who previously reported that the tasks will be carried out gradually and could last for two or three days.

The other nine trapped continue in the cave, about 4 kilometers deep, where they were found Monday after a search started 15 days ago.

The first rescued came out of the cave at 17.40 local time (10.40 GMT) and the second ten minutes later, while the other two were delayed more than two hours.

This first evacuation operation went faster than the authorities predicted on Sunday morning.

An international contingent of eighteen divers entered the cave with the determination to return accompanied by the victims, twelve minors between 11 and 16 years of age and an adult of 26.

The rescuers – thirteen foreigners and five members of the Thai Navy – traveled about four kilometers of gloomy passages with partial floods and unevenness to reach the group to accompany him on his way abroad.

The boys, many of whom did not know how to swim before the rescue, have received an intensive course in the management of immersion equipment inside the grotto.

During the mission, special masks have used that cover the entire face and allow them to breathe naturally, in addition to communicating with rescue teams.

Heavy rains during the night and this day in the region marked the start of the rescue operation.

The precipitations were one of the main concerns of the authorities because the water filtered by the mountain can re-flood the galleries and cancel the drainage affected since they were found alive twelve schoolchildren and their tutor.

“United, let’s take them home ” the elite Thai bodies published Sunday in a message on the social network Facebook.

The thirteen trapped went into the galleries on June 23 after a football training, when a sudden storm began to flood the cave and cut the exit.

The group’s discovery came after nine days of intense search in which more than 1,300 people participated.

Since then, minors and adults have been partially able to recover their strength when assisted by doctors and psychologists in the grotto.


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