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Start the Rescue of Children Trapped in a Cave in Thailand

The authorities estimate that the first child to leave will do so in about 10 hours, on Sunday

Authorities in Thailand today confirmed that rescue teams are “ready” to begin the rescue of the twelve children and an adult trapped in a cave in the northern country.

Narongsak Ossottanakorn, the official spokesman for the operations, said that 18 divers were assigned this morning for the tasks and that the levels of the water that partially floods the caves have dropped significantly so that children could walk for much of the journey.

Those responsible expect the first child to leave the cavity during Sunday night.

On each trip to the cave where the minors are, the divers have to cross about 1.7 kilometers of narrow passages between zero visibility and water currents from a provisional position inside the cavern, a path that takes, going and back, about 11 hours.

Doctors and members of the healthcare team have been deployed in and around the cavern to proceed with a possible emergency transfer of the group, Narongsak said.

The authorities gave orders for the more than one thousand information professionals stationed in the vicinity of the cave to leave the area.

The outpost of heavy rains that watered the region last night may be the signal that marked the beginning of operations.

“Precipitation is one of the main concerns. The water (filtered by the mountain) can re-flood the galleries, “the official spokesman said in one of his appearances before the media.

After a favorable weather window, the waters have given way throughout the entire underground complex thanks to natural escapes and the incessant artificial drainage.

The arrival of more rains, scheduled from today until Wednesday, could increase the pressure in the already complicated rescue mission.

The group -composed of twelve children between 11 and 16 years old and an adult of 26- was found Monday night on an island of dry land 4 kilometers inside the cave and after nine days of intense search in which more than 1,300 people, minors, and adults have been able to partially recover their strength when assisted by doctors and psychologists in the grotto.

In addition, school children and the monitor have received intensive training to learn to dive, an activity that experts call high risk.

The thirteen went into the galleries on Saturday, June 23, after a soccer training session when a sudden storm began to flood the cavity and cut off the exit.


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