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What Is the Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance Of Vehicle Owners?

Civil Liability insurance : It is the minimum mandatory policy with which every vehicle must have,

Civil Liability insurance
Civil Liability insurance

Every car, regardless of the type, must have insurance by law. The minimum policy with which every vehicle must count is, as its own name indicates, that of Civil Liability insurance .

It is the most basic car insurance that exists, but in the market there are many insurance companies, and each of them offers different coverages at prices that vary considerably from one to another.you can compare prices and coverage of car insurance of more than 30 insurers, and in just three minutes. Thus, you can obtain the policy that best suits your needs, saving up to 50% on your car insurance.

What is the Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance?

The Obligatory Civil Liability insurance is a policy that every driver must have contracted, at least, for their vehicle. In the event that a driver drives without insurance , the agents of the authority will proceed to immobilize it and will also apply an economic penalty that can amount up to € 3000.

What coverages do you have?

Civil Liability insurance
Civil Liability insurance

The main objective of Obligatory Civil Liability insurance is to cover any damage to third parties that we may cause while driving our car. Thus, the damages caused, as set out in the Regulation of Mandatory Civil Liability insurance in the Circulation of Motor Vehicles, can be of two types

  • Physical or personal: all damage caused to persons, that is, to another driver or occupant of a vehicle.
  • Materials: whether damage to another car or the street furniture etc.

What coverages do you have?

According to what is established by the V European Auto Directive, any damage to material goods of third parties with which there is an affinity or kinship relationship of up to the “third degree of consanguinity or affinity” between the insurance coverage is not included. the driver of the vehicle and the person to be compensated.

That is, in order to avoid fraud, the Obligatory Civil Liability insurance will not cover any accident in which the affected third party is a family member of the insurance contracting driver. Another aspect that is not covered, is that being an insurance that covers damages caused to third parties, the own damages (physical or material) of the driver are not included either.

What happens if I do not contract this insurance?

In the event that as a driver you have not contracted any type of insurance for your car: The agents of the authority (local or traffic police) can impose a fine that will range between € 601 and € 3005, depending on the conditions in which you have been intervened (the amount to pay will not be the same if the vehicle was stopped or circulating, for example). In addition to the economic sanction, the competent authority in this aspect will proceed to the immobilization of your car.

The driver who travels without insurance will also be liable for all expenses incurred for damages (whether physical or material). The amount to be paid in the event of an accident, which would be paid by the insurance if contracted, will be assumed directly and only by the driver of the vehicle.

Therefore, it is important to take into account the consequences that may exist for a driver if he drives without the minimum insurance. you can find an economic insurance comparing between 30 insurers, and avoid this type of situations.

Policy limits

The Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance has limits established by law. On January 1, 2008 the V European Cars Directive came into force, where it was established that the amounts that would be covered by the Compulsory Civil Liability insurance would be:

  • Physical damage or damage to people: up to € 70 million per claim, regardless of the number of victims.
  • Material damages: up to € 15 million per claim.
    Civil Liability insurance
    Civil Liability insurance

Before the arrival of the V European Directive of Cars, the compensations offered by the Compulsory Civil Liability were considerably lower (up to € 350,000 for bodily injuries and 100,000 for material damages). This practically forced the drivers to hire additional coverage: the Voluntary Civil Liability.

Compulsory Civil Liability and Voluntary

The Voluntary or Supplementary Civil Liability is an extra coverage offered – many times included in the third party insurance itself – by the insurance companies. It is a complementary cover that extends the application of Mandatory Civil Liability, with the aim of economically facing all the cases (accidents or inconveniences) that suppose an amount greater than the basic compulsory insurance covers.

Thus, even if the expenses incurred in the event of an accident exceed the indemnification limits of the Obligatory Civil Liability insurance, you, as the driver, will not have to pay the expenses for damages, since they are already included in the Voluntary Civil Liability.

Inconvenient of hiring only this policy

The main drawback of the Obligatory Civil Liability policy is that it is a very basic policy. Thus, although its price is cheaper than any other type of insurance, the coverage it offers is, in general, minimal.

In this way, the inconvenience that would have to hire only this insurance is that it would not cover any own damage (physical or material) that you as a driver or your vehicle suffers. A solution to this would be, for example, to take out an All Risk insurance, whose price is usually considerably higher. Or even hire a driver’s insurance , an additional coverage that includes indemnities in case the insurance contractor suffers damages.

Civil Liability insurance
Civil Liability insurance

However, increasingly, Third Party insurance includes coverage that is beginning to be considered as basic, and that complements and expands the Obligatory Civil Liability insurance. Some of these coverages are: Voluntary Civil Liability, Legal Defense and Damage Claim, Travel Assistance …

All of these are, as we have said, additional coverages – not obligatory by law – that the driver can choose to hire or not, but that, in general, are included more and more in the basic third party policy offered by insurers, although it is the driver who will decide which additional coverages to include and which do not. you will be able to compare which policies are the most suitable for you according to your needs at the best price and in just three minutes.

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