Home News Armed Men Steal a Lot of Money and Cell Phones From Cuban Doctors in Venezuela

Armed Men Steal a Lot of Money and Cell Phones From Cuban Doctors in Venezuela

According to the police report, at least 38 of the Cuban doctors had just arrived in Venezuela and had $ 4,000 in each, for a total of $ 152,000, in addition to cell phones, which were also stolen.

More than a hundred Cuban doctors working in Caracas were victims of a robbery in the early hours of last Sunday that stripped them of about 152,000 dollars and an amount not specified in national currency, according to Diario Cuba Cuba Newspaper.

Local media in the Caribbean country echoed the incident that occurred in Ciudad Caribia and affected 126 Cuban-born doctors, members of government health programs, some of whom had arrived in Venezuela hours before the robbery.

The Twitter account of @RCamachoVzla publishes on Monday a series of tweets in which it confirms that “an approximate of 8 hooded individuals carrying firearms stripped of their belongings to the Cuban delegation that was sleeping in the sheds”.

According to information from the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), the victims of the theft were 126 people of Cuban nationality, members of government health programs. The source said that 38 of the Cubans had arrived in the country hours before the robbery.

According to the police report, the recently arrived Cuban citizens had in their possession $ 4,000 each, for a total of $ 152,000, in addition to cell phones. The rest of the health personnel was also stripped of money in pesos and mobile phones.

Officials from the PNB interviewed a man who offers a transfer service to Cuban professionals. According to this person, the criminals asked their victims not to shout, “to stay calm, because they knew what they were going for”.

Members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), of the Scientific and Criminal Investigation Body (CICPC), as well as the head of the airport group in charge of receiving the Cuban delegation, presented themselves at the scene after the report of the events.

Two soldiers had been assigned to the custody of the place to provide security to the Cuban doctors.

Diario Cuba recalls that Cuban health professionals who work abroad are often in semi-slavery conditions. Many times the freedom of movement is restricted. Venezuela’s surveillance is double for the violence uncovered in the country, plagued by a serious economic crisis.

The Cuban government keeps up to 75% of the salaries paid by the countries of destination by professionals from the island. However, participation in these programs is a relief for doctors whose salary in Cuba does not exceed 70 dollars a month.


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