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Essential Tricks for Traveling in a Motorhome

Traveling in a motorhome
Traveling in a motorhome

Traveling in a motorhome : There are many free souls to whom the idea of ​​locking themselves in a plane or a car, traveling to a destination and staying in a hotel does not call them at all. They prefer freedom, to have their time as they please and stay overnight in the place they want. What option do they have? Traveling in a motorhome is perfect for those more intrepid travelers.

Traveling in a motorhome
Traveling in a motorhome

A motorhome offers up to 16 meters that become our house on wheels , with all the comforts and with the independence that it entails, being able to choose at all times where to sleep or eat.

Traveling in a motorhome is, without a doubt, a unique experience. But there are some things around that you have to take into account to enjoy the trip without any problem. Below, we give you 6 tips to enjoy the adventure .

1. The card

Traveling in a motorhome
Traveling in a motorhome

Driving a motorhome is not far from driving a car . At first it will take some getting used to, since it has some differences: the driving point is higher, the angle of the pedals different and the size considerably bigger.

As for the necessary driving license, it depends on the weight of the motorhome . With the B permit, vehicles of up to 3500 kilos can be driven; If this load is exceeded, you must have the C1 permission.

2. The organization

Traveling in a motorhome
Traveling in a motorhome

In a motorhome they can fit up to 8 people, so the organization is an essential point to travel. You only have to carry what is strictly necessary , especially when many people travel, and everything must be in the maximum possible order. In addition, the load must be distributed in a balanced manner and all well placed.

A trip is like marriage. The sure way to be wrong is to think that we have control. “-John Steinbeck

3. Traveling in a motorhome: the destination

Traveling in a motorhome
Traveling in a motorhome

The next step is to choose the destination to travel in our motorhome. It is important to emphasize that to stay overnight you have to choose the areas and places equipped for it. When arriving at a place, it is very important to avoid the center of the city and go to the areas of motorhomes or parks where the parking of the same ones is allowed.

It is important to remember the following when parking outside campsites or specific areas for motor homes:

Chocks cannot be used to level the vehicle but can be stabilized on slopes.
It is forbidden to exceed the dimensions of the motorhome by opening the windows, but windows or skylights could be opened if they do not exceed it.
It is not allowed to extend the awning, nor use camping elements (chairs, tables) on the outside, nor take out the rung.
You can sleep and cook inside, but as long as you do not emit noise or annoying odors.

In Spain, it is very interesting the number of places for motorhomes that have places like Galicia, Asturias, the Basque Country or the interior of Andalusia. Outside the Iberian peninsula, the best destinations are France, Germany or Holland.

4. The food of the motorhome

The lack of space inside the motorhome can be somewhat overwhelming at times, but cooking there will save us from more than one. It is best to bring basic products, which can be used to make many different recipes, such as eggs, milk or food in cans. The aluminum foil will also be a great friend during the trip. 

Traveling in a motorhome
Traveling in a motorhome

To cook, you need car camping cookware and gas. A couple of cylinders will be needed, which are recharged at specialized points.

5. The gray, black waters and the wash

The motorhomes have a deposit of about 120 liters of water. For 4 people, this deposit lasts between 2 and 3 days, so it will be necessary to recharge it. There are more and more water recharge points, although there are not too many in Spain.

As for the discharge of the waste, it can be done in the same deposit filling areas that we talked about. As they are scarce, most of the campers do it in service stations (the gray water in the wash racks of the cars and the black in the toilets). As for the laundry, it is best to wait until you reach a campsite.

6. The precaution

Traveling in a motorhome
Traveling in a motorhome

When traveling in a motor home, many valuables are carried: mobile phones, cameras, money … so it is very important to be very careful. Obviously, nothing should be left in sight and at night it is advisable to reinforce the security of the doors.

When leaving the motorhome alone, it is necessary to make sure, first, to turn off the lights and close the taps, and second, to close the trunk and the access to the passenger compartment. Another thing to keep in mind is to hide the set of spare keys very well.

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