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How to Health Insurance During Pregnancy – (Pro Guideline)

Health insurance during pregnancy : All you have to know if you want to take out insurance for your future pregnancy

Health insurance during pregnancy
Health insurance during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in a woman’s life, therefore, most health insurance includes in its policies the specific care that the pregnant woman needs. In these moments is when it is most important to have a good insurance that covers our backs and  guarantees our safety and that of the baby In you can compare in 1 minute between the best companies to find the policy that best suits your needs .

What coverages does Health insurance during pregnancy?

Health insurance during pregnancy
Health insurance during pregnancy

Pregnancy is covered, in most cases, by regular health insurance. A good medical policy usually includes the following coverages :

  • Weekly evolution of pregnancy
  • Ultrasound
  • Consultations with the specialist doctor
  • Preparation courses for childbirth
  • Assistance during childbirth
  • Assistance to the newborn during hospitalization (the mother’s policy usually covers the baby until discharge from hospital)
  • Postpartum care at home

The specific coverages of each insurance depend on the conditions that are agreed between the company and the insured. Thus, the medical policy may include some or other treatments depending on what is signed in the contract.

Health insurance during pregnancy
Health insurance during pregnancy

It must be borne in mind that, in addition to basic coverage, our policy may include other  additional services such as cord blood stem conservation, 4D ultrasound, non-invasive prenatal genetic testing, etc. In the event that our insurance does not include these coverages, it is normal that the company in question offers us special prices for these medical tests.

What is the lack of health insurance and what coverage does it apply?

The shortage is the  period that elapses between the registration of the policy and the possibility of using the services of the same . This is not the case in all insurance, for example, the car does not usually have.

In the case of medical insurance, the shortage is the time that there should be of margin since we hired it until the insured becomes pregnant. Normally it is usually ten months (varies depending on the desired medical service) and is done to prevent a person from contracting a policy only to deal with some situation, such as the gestation period, and then cancel it.

To know what specific coverages the grace period applies to, it  will be necessary to consult directly with the insurer since, depending on the company, the conditions will be one or the other (it may be that in some companies the grace period is ten, eight or directly there is not, depending on the service). You have to be very clear that you can not counteract this by referring to ignorance of pregnancy, because, if the grace period is, for example, ten months and have not yet elapsed, we can not use many of the medical services although we argue not knowing that a pregnancy existed.

Some of the coverages to which this restriction time is applied are the follow-up and control of pregnancy, natural childbirth or cesarean section, early amniocentesis in risk pregnancies, prepartum preparation and postpartum care. It should be noted that, in the case of natural childbirth, the periods of deprivation go from 8 to 10 months depending on the company, and in the case of cesarean, 10 months.

If it is true that there are some insurers that cover the monitoring and monitoring of pregnancy, even if the grace period has not been exceeded, so it is important to know well the conditions that our company has.

Cases in which the lack is eliminated

Health insurance during pregnancy
Health insurance during pregnancy

The grace periods are really difficult to cancel , so you have to be well informed before hiring a health insurance. Now, there are some situations in which , if the necessary conditions are met,  this can be done :

  • In case of urgent situation, it is established in the Law of the Insurance Contract that the deficiency must be canceled. It is understood as an “urgent situation” those of a medical and sanitary nature (including transportation) that, if not provided imminently, could endanger the patient’s life, their integrity, or that could produce a permanent impairment in their health, according to the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGDFP).
  • Some insurers cancel the grace period if a premature birth occurs, so you have to ask our insurer in the event that this situation occurs.
  • We also need to be well informed in the event that we change our policy from one company to another to know how our grace periods are and if they cancel us or not. That is, if you have health insurance contracted with another insurer and decide to go to another, it is very possible that you can start enjoying all the guarantees immediately. The exception is marked by the lack of delivery, since it is the only coverage in which it is never eliminated. You always start from scratch even if we come from another company

Health insurance for the baby

Health insurance during pregnancy
Health insurance during pregnancy

The first thing is to understand the difference between the policyholder (the one who contracts the policy) and the insured (the one who receives the benefits). Therefore,  children and babies can be insured from the moment they are born until they are 18 years old without any problem. In fact, most policies allow the only insured to be a child. As we have already indicated, the mother’s policy covers the newborn during the birth and until the medical discharge, therefore, it is at this moment where we should look for the best insurance for our son / daughter.

Health insurance during pregnancy
Health insurance during pregnancy

It is normal to include the newborn on the same day of birth . These insurance for the smallest of the house are designed to provide all kinds of facilities to parents, and include services that are not normally available in standard insurance, such as virtual doctor (where you can resolve any questions you have about health of your son or daughter), applications with functions such as registration of weight and height evolution, request for online appointments, etc. In addition, insurers usually include discounts for including other family members in the policy.

Now, you have to choose insurance when it comes to protecting small children, because the most appropriate policy for an adult is not necessarily the best for a child, since the needs are not the same. For example, a child needs a special follow-up of their immunization schedule, specialist doctors such as otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, speech therapists or speech therapists. There are other coverages that if your baby has just been born you will not need but afterwards (like dental insurance). These services can be included later.

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