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5 Tips to Buy a Car at Auction

5 Tips to Buy a Car at Auction
Tips to Buy a Car

Tips to Buy a Car : To increase the chances of success if you have in mind to go to an auction, the following tips from an expert in these tasks will help you.

5 Tips to Buy a Car

  1. Meet the sellers: Find out who will offer the cars that will be put on sale . Usually there are three levels, but only in the first two can good results be achieved, not in the third, which must be avoided at all costs.
  • Level 1: Banks and other financial institutions.
  • Level 2: New car agencies
  • Level 3: Independent dealers
  1. Investigate before the auction: Check the vehicle history with AutoCheck or Carfax. Many public auctions publish a list of their inventory online, along with the vehicle identification numbers (VIN).
  2. Know the rules of the auction: When you arrive at the auction, register at the counter. The representative will ask for your license and a small cash deposit that is usually $ 100. If you can, drive the car. Some auctions allow you to do so if you arrive a few hours early. Never bid on a vehicle without first driving it.
  3. Inspect the car: Limit yourself to no more than five vehicles that you might be interested in buying. Go one by one and see everything: tires , liquids, the inner state. The goal is not only to cheap car if you do not understand the hobbies of the previous owner.
  4. Pay attention to the lights of the auction: The auction usually have four lights: red, yellow, green and blue.

Red: means “as is”.

Yellow: This means that the auctioneer is going to make an announcement to the bidders about a problem with the car.

Green: Means that if you are the winner, you can inspect and drive the vehicle according to the rules of the auction. However, you have to pay for the car before driving it out of the property.

Blue: This means that the title has not yet arrived in the auction. The good news is that the auction can not process your check until the title arrives. The bad news is that you can not register the vehicle until the auction receives that title

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