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Bleeding in Pregnancy Causes | Symptoms “Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy”

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Bleeding in Pregnancy Causes | Symptoms "Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy"
Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy

Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy : Pregnancy is usually a time of fear and doubt, especially when there are alterations that the woman does not quite understand. During the first trimester there are usually blood losses, something that can cause some concern and, undeniably, should be consulted with the doctor. However, that does not mean that in most cases it is a completely normal situation.

However, it is essential to learn to recognize when this bleeding is normal or when it may be a cause for alarm. so you know what the different situations are, from the mildest to the most serious, which can manifest in the form of spotting or vaginal bleeding.

Bleeding first weeks of pregnancy

First of all, two important concepts must be clarified. First of all, whenever there is bleeding or spotting during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor . Although it is usually one of the main symptoms of the normal development of the fetus, in certain occasions it may be due to more compromised situations. An examination by the gynecologist will serve to treat any possible complications as soon as possible.

On the other hand, we must learn to differentiate bleeding from spotting . The spotting is when a few drops of blood are released, in a small amount, while the bleeding is already a more abundant flow. When you contact the doctor you must specify what has happened to you, because depending on whether it has been stained or bleeding, the causes may vary.

During the first weeks of pregnancy , bleeding is quite common, usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • Bleeding during sexual intercourse : during pregnancy it increases blood flow in the vessels of the cervix. This causes increased sensitivity in the area and the possibility of bleeding, so it may happen to have sex, cytology or any medical examination.
  • By infection : there are certain infections that are quite common during pregnancy, such as candidiasis , in turn, there are other sexually transmitted diseases that although not related to pregnancy can also cause bleeding.
  • Of hormonal origin : as you can imagine, the hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy are very important. These cause that during the first weeks 1 out of 3 women have vaginal bleeding.
  • Deployment bleeding : in the next section we will explain it in more depth.
Bleeding in Pregnancy Causes | Symptoms "Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy"
Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy

Blood losses during the first trimester of pregnancy are quite frequent and having them does not mean the loss of pregnancy. If you suffer some hemorrhage, even if it is very mild, it is essential to go to the doctor and follow your instructions to the letter.

Losses in pregnancy brown

It is usual that between 4 and 6 weeks after you have become pregnant you notice a brown or pinkish loss for 1 or 2 days, very similar to those that occur at the beginning and end of menstruation. In a pregnancy of 5 weeks or 6 , these losses are completely normal and, in general, are not accompanied by pain in the abdomen, and if they do, it is very mild.

This happens because in certain cases, when the ovule that has been fertilized is implanted in the uterine walls, this can erode the endometrium tissue, producing a slight bleeding that we know as implantation bleeding . In case you are not aware of pregnancy, it may be normal to confuse this bleeding with menstruation. However, unlike a common rule, you will notice that with the passage of days it is not increasing.

Bleeding in Pregnancy Causes | Symptoms "Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy"
Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy

But not all cases of bleeding in pregnancy are due to benign conditions, there are also some important changes in your body that are manifested in the form of vaginal spotting. Next we explain them to you.

Heavy bleeding during pregnancy due to spontaneous abortion

If the pregnancy losses you suffer are very abundant , similar to those of menstruation, and also come with abdominal cramps and pains , it may be a miscarriage . In case this happens to you, you should visit your gynecologist immediately so he can explore you in depth. Usually you will examine the uterine opening and perform an ultrasound with the intention of observing if the embryo is in the uterus and if it has beats. If the spontaneous abortion is confirmed, you should rest until the bleeding ends.

Bleeding in Pregnancy Causes | Symptoms "Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy"
Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy

Miscarriage can be a traumatic process but, unfortunately, it is relatively common during the first weeks of pregnancy. In fact, about 50% of fertilizations end with spontaneous abortion, although in most of them the woman does not even realize it. There is no single reason to explain this phenomenon, but failure in the early stages of embryonic creation often hides behind this type of abortion.

Red bleeding in pregnancy due to ectopic pregnancy

In case the vaginal spotting is mild, more similar to spotting, but red and with great pain, it is possible that the cause of this is due to an extrauterine pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.

This condition occurs when the implantation of the ovum does not occur in the uterus , but at some point in the female anatomy outside the uterine cavity, be it the fallopian tubes, the abdomen or the cervix. Once implanted there it is very difficult for the pregnancy to come to fruition, in addition, the health of the mother may be in danger, as internal hemorrhagesmay occur . Usually the red bleeding appears before the pain, very intense, which can lead to dizziness and fainting.

Stained during molar pregnancy

Although it is a very infrequent condition, it is necessary to talk about the molar pregnancy, since spotting is the first symptom. Bleeding can be hemorrhagic or simple intermittent losses, while the uterus is growing excessively because of the gestation time it takes.

Bleeding in Pregnancy Causes | Symptoms "Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy"
Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy

This type of pregnancy is due to a fertilization that occurs abnormally , which causes the deficient growth of the embryo tissue. In these cases it is impossible for the fetus to survive and a spontaneous abortion occurs, which manifests itself with a dark bleeding that, in general, is not accompanied by pain.

Bleeding in pregnancy due to uterine hematoma

We speak of uterine hematoma when blood accumulates inside the cavity of the endometrium , which can cause bleeding during pregnancy. This bleeding is usually abundant, similar to that of menstruation, however, there is no pain.

When there is a uterine hematoma, it is usually considered a high risk pregnancy , so that its control becomes more intensive. However, uterine hematomas do not usually cause abortions. Mostly, if the mother does rest, these bruises are reabsorbed or simply expelled with the bleeding.

Bleeding in pregnancy: factors to consider

There are a number of factors that can be of vital importance for the gynecologist to determine the cause and extent of your bleeding. Below we explain some of them so that you have them in mind and can be diagnosed as correctly as possible:

  • How many weeks are you pregnant?
  • Had you bled before during pregnancy?
  • How long have you been bleeding?
  • Is the bleeding intermittent or constant?
  • Is it very abundant?
  • Do you present pain?
  • Do you feel tired or fatigued?
  • Did you get dizzy or faint?
  • Have you had nausea, diarrhea or vomiting?
  • Have you had a fever?
  • Did you fall or have you had a blow?
  • Is there something that stresses you?
  • When was the last sexual relationship you had?
  • What blood group do you have?

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