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15 Romantic Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas (with Photos)

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas: Surely you have imagined a thousand times how they will ask you to marry. Before the “yes, I want”, that moment in which your boy looks you in the eyes and tells you that he wants to spend all his life with you is one of the happiest and most exciting that you will ever live in your life. Therefore, we have all fantasized about how beautiful it would be to happen in one way or another, and in all of them, romanticism is usually a key element.

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

In earlyintime we bring you a list of the most romantic Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas to ask for a marriage … Which would you choose?

1. With a flashmob

It is one of the most fashionable forms in recent years but … we love it! It does not matter if he is a good dancer or not, as in many other fields, here the intention is what counts. Almost impossible to say no!

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

2. On a beach in the light of the moon

It is one of the classics of romantic proposals. Let your boy kneel before you while you walk on the beach and take out a ring with a diamond from Navas Joyeros, a company specialized in the world of diamonds and precious gems. It will be a magical experience that we have all dreamed of living!

3. Traveling 

A trip to your favorite destination or that city you always wanted to go to is the best excuse to kneel and ask for a marriage.

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

One of the most chosen destinations to ask for marriage is Mallorca, the magical island of the Balearic archipelago that houses enclaves of the most special. In it is Park Hyatt Mallorca, the perfect setting to enjoy a few days of vacation with your partner you will never forget.

This hotel offers endless possibilities so that you can also celebrate the wedding of your dreams with the mountains and the sea in the background. They have several terraces and rooms such as  Sunken Garden surrounded by olive trees, the patio of  The Residences or the  Ca Nostra Room to celebrate a great day in style and very personal.

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

4. With music

A string quartet, the tuna, the mariachis, a chorus Rociero … If your guy hires some kind of musical entertainment to ask you for marriage, surely there are tears of emotion when you give him your answer.

5. At the cinema

An ad before a movie in a movie theater can be a good excuse to ask for a marriage.

6. The Russian Roulette of Chocolates

Imagine that they give you a box of chocolates, they tell you which one you have to take and there is a piece of paper asking you for a wedding or, even, a ring inside the chocolate. This idea inspired by the romantic movie “Every day of my life”, deserves a place on the list.

7. The Place where you met

That first date always has a special magic. Why not repeat it in your marriage request?

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

8. In a Mirror

Simple but very romantic, imagine your face of amazement if you go to a hotel (that always adds a chic touch to the request) and has written his statement in a mirror … Your face of surprise will be priceless.

9. Projecting lights in a building

It is another of the impressive requests that have been released on video. Imagine that you are walking along the street holding hands with your partner.

It is night and the lights of the buildings are off, but suddenly, those of one of them is lit strategically until you ask: do you want to marry me?  Not ideal? Would you resist saying yes?

10. Written in the air

A message in the sky is one of the most romantic and unforgettable formulas to ask for marriage.

11. Written on the floor

If the above formula is out of your budget, you can always choose to write the message in the sand on the beach or even on the street floor. Romantic and original!

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

12. With the help of your pet

If your pet has a fundamental role in your lives, why do you have it in your hand? Putting the ring on your necklace is an ideal way to ask for marriage.

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

13. With the help of your children

If you have had children, nothing better than to ask them also to participate at this moment. It will be a precious memory for all!

14. Balloons with messages

A release of balloons that carry the message do you marry me? It is a great and romantic idea to ask for a marriage. If the idea of flying does not convince you, fill a room in your home with balloons with this message for a special occasion.

15. Through the mobile

New technologies are so present in our day to day that they are a good way to ask for a marriage. Record a video with your statement and send it by WhatsApp. You will never imagine or forget your request of hand!

Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

Now that you have solved the problem of finding a beautiful and super original formula to ask for marriage, take the big step and celebrate a beautiful wedding.

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