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Trump Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders Kicked Out

The president uses his second message of the day on Twitter to attack a rural restaurant

President Donald Trump sent a message against Red Hen restaurant in Virginia, where White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders and her associates were invited to leave the premises.

Sanders said the owner of the restaurant asked him to leave the premises, because he worked for  Donald Trump, in an “inhuman and unethical” administration.

Stephanie Wilkinson told the Washington Post that, after consulting with her person, she decided to lose the official and company to leave.

“I am the owner … I would like you to come to the patio with me for a few words”. Wikilson said he babbled a little, but explained that “the restaurant has certain standards” and the business supports “honesty, compassion, and cooperation”, then asked: “I would like you to leave”.

President Trump’s message already adds more than 130,000 reactions between “likes” and comments, many of which are against, one of them by Walter Shaub, former director of the White House Ethics Office.

” One morning the president of 330 million people from a country with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world decides that the most important issue to devote his attention to is the vengeful destruction of a rural dining room. Stealing babies and children hurt less, but these little things help too, “he said.

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