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Top Curiosity News for Last Two Weeks in June 2018

Look at the 10 news that we can not tell you, but we do not want to leave it out of your knowledge! Only here you will see the most curious and unusual of the Internet!

# 1. Baby mocks the safety of pool ladders

This is the viral video of a baby climbing nimbly through a security door that is supposed to restrict children’s access to swimming pools. However, Cody’s parents already know the characteristics of their son and they were recording it.

People are amazed because the little one manages to get to the top and just when he is on the top … the mother arrives and interrupts him.

# 2. Jason Momoa’s funny ‘trolling’ to the jealous husband of a fan

Actor Jason Momoa turned a photograph with fans into a memorable moment as well. The woman wanted a memory alone with the actor but her jealous husband does not agree very much. To troll, the insecure man, Momoa reacted in a funny way.

In the image, Momoa poses with the woman while she moves the husband with her arm, but she did not realize it until she saw the final result.

# 3. The best fans of the World Cup Russia 2018

After Japan and Senegal won their first match in the 2018 World Cup, fans chose to stay and clean the stadium before celebrating on the streets.

The videos of fans looking for trash and pick it up became viral in social networks. “ Japan showed once again why they have the best fans in the World Cup after they stayed behind to clean up the stadium after their victory against Colombia, “ wrote The Sun of the United Kingdom.

# 4. Viral video of the week: The reaction of a dog to being discovered in a pool

A dog has been the protagonist of a viral video due to the reaction he had when he realized that he was being recorded while swimming in an inflatable pool.

The little animal swam from side to side as he enjoyed the water thinking that nobody saw it, but when he turned his eyes he saw a camera lean out. Then he left the pool slowly to see who was recording it and when he confirmed that they were watching him, he ran away.

# 5. Guinness Records: The largest number of people performing full-body burns

Thirty-two stunt doubles have broken the record for most people who perform full-body burns after they set themselves on fire at the Grand Parade in Cape Town, South Africa.

The fireproof suits and gel were thoroughly tested before the official attempt and each person was overshadowed by someone who supervised their safety and health during and after the challenge.

The Guinness Record resulted in an impressive spectacle, as the 32 participants in flames walked together in a row, illuminating the sky.

We leave you the most unusual, curious and viral news of the week that will surprise you.

# 6. Guinness Record: 31 Marvel characters tattooed on his body

Rick Scolamiero has entered the Guinness Book of Records by most of the Marvel characters tattooed on the body.

The Marvel fan started with a Spider-Man tattoo on his left forearm. The Black Widow of Scarlett Johansson occupies Scolamiero’s torso, while Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk fight against Fin Fang Foom in his right leg. It also has Captain America, Thor, Vision and many more.

# 7. Heartbreaking moment when a child says goodbye to his sister with terminal cancer

A few hours before 4-year-old Adalynn Sooter died of a brain tumor, her older brother was by her side caressing her hair. In the photo posted on the Facebook profile by his father Matt Sooter, we see little Jackson comforting Adalynn.

Jackson, 6, put his right hand on Adalynn’s head while the little girl held her left arm. “A child should not say goodbye to his little sister.” With this heartbreaking publication, Matt Sooter has moved the whole world.

# 8. Climb the Nose in less than two hours and set a new record

Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell needed only 1 hour, 58 minutes and 7 seconds to climb El Capitán and its most emblematic route, La Nariz, is one of the mythical walls of the world.
It is the third time in eight days that Alex and Tommy hit the speed record of this great route of 900 meters and 30 lengths.

The first was on May 30, when they lowered the mark until then in more than 9 minutes: they went up in 2 hours 10 minutes and 15 seconds. Only five days later, on June 4, they tried again. Honnold and Caldwell are two of the most well-known climbers in the world: Honnold for his solo climbs, and Caldwell for a series of first historical ascents, including Dawn Wall by El Capitan.

# 9. Ghost tree created by an insect infestation

The tree seems to be wrapped in a layer similar to a spider web, but its strange strange appearance is actually caused by the caterpillars.

The phenomenon is caused by small caterpillars of ermine moths, which form a protective net on the tree on which they feed to protect themselves from birds and wasps. The image was taken by police officer Rich Sutcliffe, who said the tree was so infested with moth larvae that it seemed to “move”. Occasionally, entire trees can be covered and leaves defoliated, which gives the tree “a spooky appearance

# 10. The woman sees the policeman in the rain, then realizes that she is protecting a turtle

Carolyn BR Hammett and her husband were driving near their home in Greenbelt, Maryland when they saw the officer standing in the middle of the road. As they got closer they realized that he was helping a turtle to cross the road.

Hammett’s husband jumped out of the car and protected Officer Hawkins from the rain while the turtle finished his walk. “The officer thanked us and we thanked him and we all went our way,” Hammett added.


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