Top 3 Easy Pasta Salad Recipe – How to Make it?

Easy Pasta Salad Recipe: We can provide different nutrients to the Easy Pasta Salad Recipe depending on the food with which we accompany it.

Pasta Salad Recipe

Although most people believe that pasta has very high levels of carbohydrates, we must demystify the thought that eating pasta is synonymous with gaining weight.

This article will describe 3 pasta salad recipes: tuna, chicken, and vegetables. Pasta is one of the foods that give us more energy and less fat, so it is a perfect ally to keep us active for long periods of time.

What is pasta? Origins and history

The pasta is a product made from flour and durum wheat semolina that is crushed, mixed with water, and sometimes with egg. From this procedure, a dough is obtained that is suitable for consumption once dried.

Where does this food come from, which has become one of the most popular in Western culture? Well, pasta has its origins in China, although it is popularly attributed to Italy. This is because Marco Polo introduced pasta on the European continent after one of his trips to China.

Properties of food dough

Since its preparation is based on cereals, pasta is a food with a high content of carbohydrates. In particular, it provides 75 g of carbohydrates per 100 g and provides 370 kcal. The contribution of fats is very low, and therefore we can include it without problem in all types of diets.

It should be noted that pasta is not considered a complete food because it contains a very low value in proteins and in mineral salts. This is why it is very common to accompany it with other ingredients such as tuna or chicken that maximize its nutritional value.

Next, we will show you some examples of recipes to make the pasta a complete ingredient that gives us the energy that we need along with the necessary nutrients to ensure the correct functioning of the organism.

3 Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

The great variety of pasta recipes that exist, from the mythical spaghetti to the Bolognese to the most exquisite lasagna, and pasta salads provide carbohydrates, subtracting the fats and salt that the sauces of the dishes mentioned above contain.

That is why we are going to show you some of the most healthy recipes for salads with pasta, and that mixing this food with tuna, chicken, or vegetables will be a guaranteed success. Of course, you can vary the type of pasta according to your personal preferences.

1. Cold pasta salad with tuna

The pasta has a neutral flavor that combines with everything, so it is very often used for children to eat foods that they individually reject, as is typical with fish.

Ingredients for 4 people)

  • 500 g of colored spirals
  • 4 cans of tuna in olive oil
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 1 lettuce
  • ½ pot of olives
  • ½ sweet corn jar
  • a pinch of salt
  • A splash of vinegar
  • A pinch of oregano (optional)

How to do it?

To prepare the salad with pasta, first, you have to boil the pasta. For this, we will put 1 liter of water in a pot with a pinch of salt and put it to boil; Once ready, add the pasta and let it boil for 8 minutes; so it will be al dente.

While the pasta boils, we will separate some lettuce leaves, and we will clean them and chop them into small pieces. We will also chop the tomato in squares, and we will do the same with the olives. We will discard the oil from the tuna tins and crumble the contents with a fork.

Once we have these ingredients chopped, we will pour them into a bowl along with the sweet corn. Drain the pasta that has just been boiled and add it to this bowl along with the rest of the ingredients.

Now all you have to do is mix everything well and dress it to your liking, either with a pinch of salt, a splash of vinegar, or an apex of oregano.

2. Pasta salad with chicken and mayonnaise

This type of salad, so complete from a nutritional point of view, is ideal for all people who eat away from home, either in the office or at the university. Chicken resists difficult temperatures better than other foods without its flavor being affected by it.

Ingredients for 4 people)

  • 500g of colored ties
  • 3 chicken breasts
  • Half a can of sweet corn
  • 6 slices of natural pineapple
  • a pinch of salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Mayonnaise to taste (optional)

How to do it?

First, we must boil the pasta; for this, as we have mentioned in the previous recipe, we will take a liter of water to the boiling point. Once boiling, add the pasta and let it cook for about 8 minutes.

Taking advantage of the time of cooking the pasta, cut the diced chicken breasts, season them and add them to a previously hot pan with a little oil. We will let them brown.

We will introduce the slices of natural pineapple sliced ​​together with the sweet corn, the drained pasta, and the fried chicken in a bowl. We will mix everything, and our pasta salad will be practically ready; now, just add a pinch of mayonnaise or garnish with oil and vinegar.

3. Warm pasta salad with vegetables

Another of the most versatile and successful dishes is pasta salads with vegetables. In this case, we can use the vegetables that we like the most and add ingredients that add calcium to the salad, such as fresh cheese.

Ingredients for 4 people)

  • 350 g of medium macaroni
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 large purple onion
  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 red pepper and another yellow
  • 2 small pieces of fresh cheese
  • a pinch of salt
  • Some basil leaves

How to do it?

This salad with pasta requires more time preparation than the previous two. Even so, it will be worth it: the result will be spectacular.

To begin with, and as in all pasta salads, we will add the medium macaroni in a pot of boiling water with a pinch of oil and salt. Let them cook for about 8 minutes, so they are left al dente.

During the cooking time of the pasta, we will chop the vegetables into medium tacos. Do not forget that a large part of the vegetables is water, so if we cut them into very small pieces, they will be invaluable when it comes to cooking them.

Once the zucchini has been chopped, the peppers, the eggplant, and the onion, we will put a frying pan on the fire with a tablespoon of oil. Once hot, add the onion and peppers and let them cook for 5 minutes.

Then add the remaining vegetables and sauté the mixture until we see that they are poached; Approximately 10-15 minutes. Then we will mix the vegetables with the pasta in another bowl.


Finally, we will cut the fresh cheese into squares and incorporate it into the bowl, together with the chopped basil leaves and the pinch of ground black pepper. We will just mix, and we will be able to enjoy this complete, nutritious and healthy dish.