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Baked Vegetables Recipe (Easy and Ideal Recipe for Chicken or Fish)

Baked Vegetables Recipe : Baked vegetables are very healthy and ideal to accompany chicken or fish such as hake.

Baked Vegetables: Easy and Ideal Recipe for Chicken or Fish
Baked Vegetables Recipe

It is known all over the world that a varied and balanced diet should include a lot of fruits and vegetables. Although at first glance they may not seem very attractive to the palate of many people, there are a lot of ways to cook and prepare vegetables.

One of the ways in which they are tastier is if we cook the vegetables in the oven; in this way we will avoid the excess of oil and we will be able to do other things while the vegetables are prepared almost alone.

In this article we will explain How to Make Easy Pasta Salad, an easy and delicious baked vegetables recipe by itself but also ideal to accompany our meat dishes (such as chicken) or fish (hake and salmon, for example). We can also accompany them with potatoes and other vegetables.

Baked Vegetables Recipe : Why Eat Them?

Baked Vegetables Recipe : (Easy and Ideal Recipe for Chicken or Fish)
Baked Vegetables Recipe

Most people, when thinking of dishes cooked with vegetables, tend to imagine boiled preparations or the iron; However, baked vegetables are an alternative preparation that, besides being healthy and simple to prepare, can be very tasty, so neither the opponents of vegetables can resist it.

The first and most attractive of the advantages of cooking baked vegetables is that they enhance the flavor and acquire a very pleasant texture. In addition, while other types of processing such as cooking can cause vegetables to lose their nutritional value, in the oven the nutrients remain to a greater extent and in some, such as carotenoids, they even increase.

Also, the baked vegetables are extremely easy to prepare since they require little more than choosing and cutting the vegetables, seasoning them and leaving them in the oven for the required time, thus becoming the perfect garnish for many dishes – from chicken to fish as hake or salmon .

As for the types of vegetables that can be prepared in the oven, any type of vegetable or root vegetable such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or carrots are perfect for roasting in the oven.

On the other hand, there are other alternatives less known and equally or more tasty and healthy than these like broccoli or Brussels sprouts, zucchini, onions, peppers, cabbage and even tomatoes.

Baked Vegetables Recipe (Easy and Healthy)

Baked Vegetables Recipe : (Easy and Ideal Recipe for Chicken or Fish)
Baked Vegetables Recipe

Below we offer a series of general guidelines for a healthy and easy to prepare baked vegetable recipe . The ingredients and utensils that we will need will be:

  • Vegetables and / or vegetables to taste
  • Olive oil
  • Salt, pepper and other condiments to taste
  • Bowl
  • Oven plate
  • Baking paper (optional)

1. Cut and garnish

First of all we select and cut the vegetables into small pieces , just the size of a bite, and mix them with a good virgin olive oil in a deep bowl.

We will use enough oil so that our vegetables look shiny and shiny but not so much so that a puddle of oil forms in the bottom.

Generally one or two tablespoons of oil will suffice to prepare the recipe . The oil not only helps the vegetables to cook evenly but also provides a crispy texture and enhances the flavor, which allows us to obtain irresistible vegetables.

Then add a little salt, black pepper or any other condiment to the taste of the cook. As in the case of oil, we should be generous but not overdo it. Mix the vegetables with a kitchen utensil or even with your hands so that the dressing is evenly distributed.

2. We distribute the vegetables by the tray

In this second step, and once they are cut and seasoned, we extend the vegetables along the oven tray . We can place them on a baking paper to prevent them from sticking to the tray.

We must ensure that there is space between the pieces of vegetables; If they are stuck together, they are steamed instead of toasted, which we do not want.

Before anything, we must preheat the oven to 200º – the ideal temperature to toast most vegetables, although we can increase or decrease the temperature depending on whether we want a faster and more superficial preparation or a slower and more intense one.

3. Bake until they are toasted

Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, we introduce the vegetables inside and bake them until they are tender enough to easily pierce them with a fork. In addition we will be able to see that some of the pieces remain with the slightly charred edges.

Softer vegetables cook more quickly , while harder vegetables like potatoes or sweet potato need a little more time, so if we want to combine them, we’d better be attentive. We can also use different trays that we will take out at the time we consider convenient.

Also keep in mind that smaller pieces are cooked faster than larger pieces. We recommend checking the condition of the vegetables every 15 minutes or so, until you see the edges slightly charred.

These scorched edges make the baked vegetables taste better , so, although we can see that they are already tender and cooked, we recommend continuing with the baking until the edges are roasted.

In case of doubt it is better to leave the vegetables between 5 and 10 minutes more, since it is very unlikely that they will be charred and, with certainty, will be more tasty.

Final tips for preparation

In the case that we want to prepare an accompaniment or garnish with different types of vegetables , we have different preparation options:

  • Individually bake different types of vegetables.
  • Match and bake those vegetables that may require similar baking (ie, separate between the hardest vegetables and the softest ones).
  • Baking in stages: start by first baking the hardest vegetables that require more time and add the rest of the vegetables according to their hardness.

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