9 Organization Tricks to Optimize Space

Whether due to lack of time, work schedules, children, etc. The truth is that sometimes keeping the house organized, with everything collected and accessible when needed, can become an impossible mission. That’s why we’ve compiled these nine tricks that can help you facilitate these tasks. Do not miss them.


1. Drawers labeled with chalk

Do your children put clothes at random? Mark with chalk that each one must contain, and this way, you will facilitate the task. In addition, at the same time, you will give your room a childish and carefree touch.

2. Calendar with paint samples

Point out each day with a paint sample, embed it, and put a glass. Each month, you can write all the important dates with a marker, which you can delete and replace the following month.

3. Board for hats, caps, and hats

A board with holes and hooks will help you keep the hats, caps, and hats that are in the house organized and at hand. In addition, you can save or take the convenient ones in each season of the year.

4. Tie Organizer

Ties and other fabric elements such as ties or belts can be difficult to store and take up more space than necessary. This is a good trick to keep them always organized.

5. Towers of toys

Toys are likely to be anywhere in the house, but you can turn your storage into one more game with these fabric towers.

6. Cargo box

A box for cutlery or other objects is likely to become a comfortable “charging station” for your electronic devices.

7. Plan the menus

Instead of thinking about what to eat each day, plan ahead, and it will also help you when making the purchase.

8. Custom baskets

Place a basket with the name of each member of the family. If you are not sure where to put something, put it in your basket. Much better there than lying on the ground.

9. A wire fence to organize necklaces and earrings

With a fence and a frame, you can have all your accessories organized and ready. Also, it looks very good.

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