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Make Healthy Food for Babies Avoiding These 8 Causes

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Make Healthy Food for Babies : A healthy diet for your baby, from newborn to twelve months, serves to keep you healthy and develop properly. It is during this period that babies learn to eat the foods that will nourish them to have good health in the future. From zero to four months: your baby only needs breast milk or formula to stay healthy. Without a doubt, it is the best food for your kids.

Healthy Food for Babies
Healthy Food for Babies

It is possible that a newborn wants to eat every two or three hours; but it is not necessary to be fed at a fixed time because each baby is different. Your baby will need between eight and twelve lactations every 24 hours.

Avoiding These Causes to Make Healthy Food for Babies

Until your baby is four months old, it is a good idea to boil the water for one or two minutes before mixing it with the formula to avoid illness. Four to six months: continue breastfeeding the baby with breast milk or feeding it with formula milk in a bottle. Ask the doctor about the possibility of starting to give solid foods using a spoon. At this age, you can start giving iron-fortified cereal two or three times a day. You can mix the cereal with breast milk or formula. Avoid mixing the cereal with other flavors such as juices or fruits.

Six to nine months: continue breastfeeding your baby or feeding him formula milk in a bottle four or five times a day and cereal using a spoon, three times a day. The baby may not want a lot of breast milk or formula as he or she is eating more solid foods. You may be ready to start eating other foods such as fruit , vegetables, or meats at the same time with baby cereal. You can already eat the egg yolks, but not the egg whites because at this age it is very difficult to digest them.

Healthy Food for Baby

The best time to give your baby a new food is when he is very hungry in the morning. Offer only one new food each week to learn how to tolerate it. Nine to twelve months: as your baby eats more solid foods , you might just breastfeed or take mamila three or four times a day. The baby will be interested in eating solid foods in your high chair, every time you eat.

Recommendations to Make Healthy Food for Babies

  • Avoid laying the bottle against the baby so he can feed himself while you do other things.
  • Hold it in your arms with your head higher than your body when you are feeding it
  • Never feed it while driving or in a moving vehicle because it can choke when you do not see it
  • Being with and holding your baby helps the two bond with each other and increase their condition
  • Do not sleep with the bottle; liquids stuck in your mouth while you sleep can cause cavities in your teeth
  • It can be dangerous to heat milk or baby food in the microwave oven. Food may not heat evenly and have parts that are hotter than others. The baby’s face or mouth can get burned in this way. Heat the milk or food by placing them in a vessel submerged in hot water.
  • Never try to encourage your baby to eat more when he gives you signs that he has eaten enough. This is when you start looking around instead of seeing you when you are feeding it, or when you bite the pacifier instead of sucking it.
  • Some babies who only eat breast milk may need vitamin Dsupplements after two months of age. Check with your doctor to find out if your baby needs vitamin D supplements .

You may eat between six and nine tablespoons of soft foods and those you can take with your fingers, four or five times a day. As more teeth come out, you will be able to chew on soft foods , such as cooked vegetables, soft fresh fruits, breads, pasta, cheese and soft meats.

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