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NAAGIN Season 3 – Cast Full Episode Video | Naagin 3 Serial

Naagin Season 3: In the latest episode of ‘Naagin Season 3’, plans to kill venom seagull. Andy and his group go to the mansion despite the refusal of the Pandit. Arvind, who guards the mansion, also forbids them, but they do not even listen to him. They hear the sounds of snakes and are scared. The poison is also in the mansion. Whereas Arvind explains to them that there is a wishful serpent. Mihir searches for himself the history of the mansion.

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Naagin season 3 full episode

Naagin Season 3

Andy crosses the path with toxin, which has said itself as an inventor in the project. The poison meets Mihir and asks him about the Yuvi which is in the party and is searching for him. The Yuvi monitors the poison in the party, which makes Bella suspect. Serimini starts and the whole family starts dancing on the floor. The venom sees the whole family from a distance and promises that it will end the whole family.

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naagin 3 poster

Naagin Season 3 Cast

Bella collides with poison in the party, who taunt him and disappears. Mihir’s sister suddenly sees a snake on top of the chandelier and all the people present there are scared. Andy tries to handle the situation and shoots on the snake. The poison goes out of the party because he is injured due to bullet injection.

  • Surbhi Jyoti as Bela
  • Anita Hassanandani as Vish, a nagin
  • Rajat Tokas as Vikrant aka Nag Raj,
  • Pearl V Puri as Mahir (male lead),
  • Karishma Tanna as Ruhi, a nagin,
  • Saptrishi Ghosh
  • Chetan Hansraj as Andy Sehgal,
  • Rohit Chodhary,
  • Naveen Sharma,
  • Ankit Mohan as Yuvi,
  • Rupesh Kataria,
  • Rakshanda Khan

Bela sees her going and starts chasing her. He travels to the havelier pursuing where Arvind, who guards him, tells him that the Yashwadi serpent lives in the haveli, but Bella does not listen to his talk. She hides behind a curtain and sees the poison disappearing in front of her eyes. Bella sees a picture of poison on the wall and decides that she will reveal the truth to everyone.

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Naagin Season 3 Episode Video

Bella comes back to the party with Subu. She takes the poison to the stage and tells her the serpent. The poison tries to insult him and accuses him of taking the wrong name. Andy tells Bella that stop this play. The poison protects itself in front of the crowd. When the poison tries to show everyone the picture, Bella is shocked to see that the picture has changed. Arvind also gets upset seeing this. Everyone tells Bella to apologize to the poison.

Andy is afraid of toxin because she is an investor in her project. Mihir solves her. The poison waits for Bella and says that Bela should be jealous of seeing her dance with Yuvi. Suddenly Karan comes to the party and on Aditya he accuses him of trying to kill him. Polomi tries to save his son, the police comes and arrests him because Mihir and Bela support the charge of Karan.

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Polomie raises a ruckus on the son’s arrest. Bela thinks that there is a poison in the back of Aditya’s arrest and she asks Mihir for help. Yuvi’s X girlfriends come and flirt with them. Yuvi and Mihir spend some time alone. Bella goes to a temple where she gets shocked to see the poison dancing.

Naagin Season 3 Update: Wish in Yuvi and Bela’s Life

In the latest episode of ‘Naagin season 3’ Rahi wants to take revenge for Vikrant’s death. The story shows a gap of 6 months. Andy has almost completed the design of the temple. Both of his sons are going to get married on the Venue near the temple. He is worried by thinking that both of his wife will arrive there at the same time.


Andy’s son is troubled by thinking that the marriage venue is close to that temple. Both go to nearby hotels to drink alcohol. The bells of the temple begin to sound fast, and they are nervous when they hear it. Andy’s wife Polomi and Sumitra arrive at Wayneu, where the media is also present. People of the media start questioning him about their personal life. Sumitra gets annoyed and goes behind her. Polomie is jealous of seeing them together and both of them are fighting each other about her.

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Naagin season 3

Sumitra goes to her room, where her eyes fall on a rope, and she gets scared. He feels that he is a snake. Yuvi makes fun of him and says that this rope has brought him along with his fiancee Bela. Bela (Surabhi Jyoti) is the entry. He slips on the ground and all his salmon falls apart. His father help him. Both become emotional and remember how Surabhi was ready for marriage with Yuvi and she got released from the idiots’ debt. Bela’s father asks her to be ready and says that she wore something nice because she is going to get married in a noble family.

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Naagin Season 3 Full Details

As soon as Bella is ready, Yuvi comes in there and tries to force it with it. She tells her to let her prepare first. Yuvi goes from there and leaves the rope in his room. Yuvi realizes that someone Vish Khanna (Vishakanya) has booked all the hotels in the hotel, due to which Bella and Suhani (another bride) are required to share the room. He decides to solve this problem. Vishakanya (Anita Hashanandani) arrives there, seeing the Yuvi gets shocked.

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She (Anita) asks her to clean her room, she thinks she is a hotel staffer. Yuvi invites him into the party. Suhani’s father does not want to marry her first, which is the illegitimate child of Andy. Bella works to add them and persuades them for this marriage. The party has already prepared a wish to kill the accused. Sumitra looks at Bela and says that Yuvi lucky that she came in her life. She tells Bela that she wanted a daughter like her and says that even after marriage, she will pay attention to her career.

Naagin season 3

He joins Bela with master (Pearl v. Puri), which is quite charming and good nature. That’s exactly the opposite of Yuvi. Yuvi flirts with Wish at the party. Sumitra and Bella are surprised to see the Yuvi dance with Wish. Mihir sees Bella upset and offers to dance with him.

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The master asks Yuvi to pay attention to Bella. Wish goes away and tells Yuvi to meet outside. Bela’s father is also upset about this marriage, but Bela explains herself.

The Wish invites the Yuvi and calls them alone in the nearby forest. He hides behind the tree. As soon as he reaches there, the vamp is coming out as a snake. Yuvi is afraid to see him and tries to escape from there. Wish follows him. As soon as he reaches the Venue, the master scolds him for leaving Bella alone. Wish again turns into a human being and chases the Yuvi. A friend of the Yuvi tries to make close connections with him. He gets transformed into a snake and wounds him.

  • Serial/Show Name: Naagin 3
  • Channel: Colors
  • Production House: Balaji Telefilms (Ekta Kapoor)
  • Full Star Cast: Surbhi Jyoti as Bela, Anita Hassanandani as Vish, a nagin, Rajat Tokas as Vikrant aka Nag Raj, Pearl V Puri as Mahir (male lead), Karishma Tanna as Ruhi, a nagin, Saptrishi Ghosh, Chetan Hansraj as Andy Sehgal, Rohit Chodhary, Naveen Sharma, Ankit Mohan as Yuvi, Rupesh Kataria, Rakshanda Khan
  • Start date: 02 June
  • Telecast time: 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm
  • Telecast days: saturday and sunday
  • Repeat telecast: monday and tuesday at 3.00 PM

Bella and Uva get engaged, but the ring falls into the pool. In another scene, Yuvi’s friend is killed. As soon as he enters the ring in water, his eyes fall on the dead body lying in the water and seeing this, he screams.

Actress Karishma Tanna is very happy these days. The reason for their happiness is very special. On the one hand, the most talked about show of small screen is Naagin season 3, on the other hand, Sanju, considered to be the biggest movie of the year, will also be seen in an important role. Presented in this series, this special conversation with Karisma:

The film is being liked by Sanju’s trailer. You also have a small roll in it. How was the experience?

Sonam, Anushka, Manisha Koirala, Diya Mirza, except Ranbir Kapoor in the film, everyone’s rolls are small. Nevertheless, everyone did it, because it is a very beautiful movie. Then, got the opportunity to work with Raju Sir. The experience of working with Ranbir, Vicky and Raju Sir was very good. I had listened very much to the direction of Raju Sir, so I wanted to see his direction. Wanted to learn from them Ranbir and Vicky are very funny, so I enjoyed it very much. In my small role, I did everything from acting, dance.

Naagin season 3 Cast

No … (Laughs loud) But in the next film I would like to play Madhuri Dixit. Infact, I have to do Madhya Dixit’s biopic.

Why was Nagin Roy ready to become a serpent? Despite the old concept of Nag-Nagin being the reason for the show’s hit?

There were many reasons for doing serpent. Firstly there was Ekta Mam. Second, this show is very big. Third, this role is very important and challenging, because there are so many emotions in this character. There is also a bigger daily life. Nagin is also to be felt and the audience is also emotionally adding that they cry with you. At the same time, I think the reason for this being so hit is that people know that this is not a reality, yet we show it so well that people see it. This concept is only a lager of life, where the serpent is so beautiful and people like to see a beautiful girl on TV. That’s why, this show is a hit.

You are a victim of misconduct in the show Such incidents are common in real life too. In the show, you take revenge as a serpent. How do they stop here?

Just like in other countries, there is a severe punishment, similarly here also a strong punishment should be given that a girl thinks hundred times before touching. If they are caught in fear that they are caught, our condition will get spoiled. As long as it is not scared in the mind, things like rap will not stop. I believe that such people should be punished worse than hanging. In the hanging you die in one stroke, such criminals should be slaughtered gradually, so that others also know what will happen if you do rape!

After a long time, you are doing fiction shows on TV. What is the reason for doing low TV shows?

The roll should be sturdy and challenging. For eight-ten months on TV, doing 12 hours a day, it becomes a bit boring for me as an actor. I feel that I am not moving forward. This is the limit of my acting. That’s why I do very little TV shows. While keeping the same concept on the TV, I think the show should stop in 4-6 months. Bring a strong, fast-paced show, show four months, then finish. Bring a new show, such as on Netflix. There is a show going on here. Even think about the actors, they do the same every day, they just keep eating, they do not have me.

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