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A Woman Put Her Head in an Exhaust Pipe and This Is What Happened

A woman from Minnesota had a traumatic experience after having a ‘great’ idea. She had been at a music festival when she saw a big exhaust pipe and thought, “Hey, my head may be able to get in there.”

She put her head in, and yes, she went in easily, but she could not get it out anymore. Then an ordeal began that lasted 45 minutes.

In an interview with the local station, he said that he spent about 45 minutes inside the tube and that he was rescued when the firemen used an electric saw.

The video that was published on Facebook has been viewed more than 2.3 million times since it was published on June 13.

Kaitlyn Strom did not expect her story and video to go viral.

She says that once her head was able to get out, she looked at Tom Wold, owner of the vehicle, and apologized. He replied: “Do not worry, I’m glad you’re fine.”

He fixed his escape and did not charge the girl anything.

She posted a photo along with him. Her story is used to raise awareness of the stupidities that someone can do when they abuse alcohol, as happened to her. In fact, she is aware of the negative comments her video causes.


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