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20+ Best Canada Day Poems & Prayers – (All Time Best)

Happy Canada Day Poems, Prayers for Kids, Children: Amazing Collection of Canada Day Poems, Prayers For Kids, Children, Happy Canada Day 2019 Funny Short Poems for Kids, Children, Canada Day Free Poems, Thoughts and Prayers. On this Canada Day, We also share our huge collection of Canada Day Quotes and Canada Day Sayings, You can also find and share best Canada Day SMS, Canada Day Messages, Canada Day Greetings and Canada Day Wishes with your friends or relatives on Canada Day 2019 ..

Canada Day Poems

Canada Day Poems 2018

  • We come to You today with joy
    and with thankfulness,
    but also with humble hearts.
    We pray for the leaders of our nation,
    from the halls of Parliament
    and the chambers of the Supreme Court of Canada,
    even to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II;
    For every representative,
    from every corner of this land,
    regardless of political persuasion;
    From the office of the Prime Minister in Ottawa,
    to our own mayor, here in St. George.
    Happy Canada Day poems

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  • You are good, O Lord,
    and You have been good to us.
    Help us to see,
    help us to appreciate,
    all of the goodness
    You have shown this land and its people.
    Canada Day Poems
  • We pray for the valiant men and women
    serving this land in the Canadian Forces.
    Keep them safe
    and give them success.
    Bring them home to loved ones
    and a hero’s welcome.
    Canada Day poems for kids
  • Father God,
    as this flag rises to its place today,
    let Canada rise in favour with You.
    Shine Your love and grace upon us,
    from the northern snows to the Great Lakes,
    and from Vancouver to Grand Manan.
    Continue to bless and protect us;
    keep Canada glorious and free,
    a lighthouse of Your greatness.
  • Poems for kids on Canada Day
Canada Day Poem
Canada Day Poem

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  • For them we pray Wisdom
    that they may have eyes to see the right path;
    We pray Courage
    that they would embrace and take that path;
    When the path is difficult
    we pray Patience and Strength to endure.
    Let their hearts be humble
    to serve Your people with Honour.
    kids poems Canada Day 
  • Happy Birthday Canada!
    CANADA is my country
    and I’m proud to call it “Home”.
    Her beauty will always call me back
    wherever I might roam.
    God gave us this great country –
    entrusting we’d keep it free;
    And this is what we strive to do
    as everyone can see.
    Canada’s people are diverse –
    a balance to make us strong.
    Variety is the spice of life
    and our list of cultures is long.
    From North to South; East to West,
    each Province is unique –
    But all “proud to be Canadian” –
    nothing else would be complete.
    On July 1st we’ll wave our flag –
    the “Maple Leaf” will fly
    In cities, towns, and open plains –
    on water and in the sky.
    We’ll celebrate with music and dance
    and, of course, “The Snowbirds” won’t hide;
    Our R.C.M.P on proud black steeds,
    will entertain with the “Musical Ride”.
    At dusk, we’ll watch the fireworks;
    they’ll be all across our land
    And tiny tots to centenarians will know –
    Canada holds us in her hand.
    Joan Adams Burchell
    June 13, 2004

Canada Day Poems

  • Victory Day
    By:AnastasiosRed and white flooded the streets.
    Tears flowed down the faces of many.
    As cries, yelled out of victory.
    It was truly an emotional sight.
    Even for the strongest of us.
    Who broke down with tears.
    On this day, on July 1, 1867.
    When we became a proud nation.
    When we became Canada.


  • Our Canada
    On July 1st, from coast to coast
    we celebrate “Canada Day”;
    Her birthdays have numbered 137
    and she looks in a very good way.
    From far and wide we all take pride
    in the country we all love –
    Her rivers, lakes, forests, plains,
    and mountains high above.
    Our ancestors cleared and settled this land
    many years ago;
    Now, we follow in making our Canada
    a country we’re proud to show.
    We are thankful that Canada brings out our best
    and we’re proud that we are free;
    This is the way we like it –
    and this is how it will be.
    We all unite and sing our praise
    the good old-fashioned way;
    On July 1st, Our Canada –
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! !
    Joan Adams Burchell
    June 12, 2004

  • O Canada!
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love
    in all thy sons command.With glowing hearts
    we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!From far and wide,
    O Canada,
    we stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land
    glorious and free!
    O Canada,
    we stand on guard for thee.

    O Canada,
    we stand on guard for thee.


 Canada Day Poems For Youngsters

  • I’m dreaming of Canada tonight.
    A country where mountains and hopes touch the sky
    A country where an ocean of kindness fills all hearts
    A country where ideas are a forest of wisdom
    Oh God let me wake up in Canada!I’m dreaming of Canada tonight.
    A country where compassion is as tall as a douglas fir
    A country where understanding is as deep as a great lake
    A country where confidence grows like grain
    Oh God let me wake up in Canada!I’m dreaming of Canada tonight.
    A country where happiness flows like the water of a river
    A country where love is a breath of fresh air
    A country where peace covers the land like snow
    Oh God, please let me wake up in Canada, tonight…

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