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Van Mahotsav Day – Hindi Posters Images Essey Slogan Speech

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Van Mahotsav Day in Hindi Posters Images Essey Slogan Speeches : Van Mahotsav Van Mahotsav – In India it was started like a religion war to protect Mother Earth. Van Mahotsav means festival of trees. Its informal start was undertaken in Delhi in July 1947 as a movement for intensive tree plantation, …

Van Mahotsav

The Van Mahotsav received national appreciation and success at the national level. Millions of trees are planted throughout the country during the Van Mahotsav Week. Every citizen is expected to plant a plant in the Van Mahotsav week.

Van Mahotsava is helpful in spreading awareness about the loss of trees by cutting trees. Van Mahotsava is celebrated by people planting plants in homes, offices, schools, colleges etc. On this occasion awareness campaigns are run at different levels. Free plants are also distributed by various organizations and volunteers to encourage people.


‘Van Mahotsav’ is celebrated every year in India in the month of July. In the 1960s it was an agitation to express environmental protection and sensitivity to the natural environment.

Country India
First week of July
Formulas Kanhaiyalal Maniklal Munshi

Van Mahotsav Need Poems Essays In Hindi

This idea also comes to mind why the need to celebrate Van Mahotsava? What were the conditions that the tree plantations had to be transformed into a festival? Perhaps due to the need for increasing population, the cut forest, the indifference towards nature, only spoiled the natural equilibrium. As soon as the unintentional mistake or negligence occurred, the consciousness became manifest in the human mind and the man became active. All of us know that there was a large variety of birds on the trees cut by us.

  • ज = जल (पानी)
    ज = जंगल (वन)
    ज = जर (जायदाद)
    ज = जमीन (भूमि)
    ज = जन (जनता)
  • जंगल हमारे जीवन में कितनी अहम भूमिका निभाते हैं? इससे हमें भलीभांति परिचित होना ही होगा, अन्यथा बहुत देर हो जाएगी। कल्पना करें कि यदि यह वृक्ष आपस में बातें कर अपनी व्यथा/कहानी सुनाते तो वे क्या कहते। सुनो-

  • जन्म-मृत्यु, सुख-दुःख का साथी हूं, हूं मैं मानव तेरा।
    फिर भी तू उपकार चुकाता, काट-काट तन मेरा।।

    हल, बक्खर, जुआ, बाड़ी बोल कहां से लेता?
    छप्पर, घास, बांस, बल्ली मैं ही तुझको देता।

    कत्था, महुआ, ताड़ी तू बोल कहां से लेता?
    लीसा, गोंद, पेंट, बारनिश मुझसे ही तू लेता।।

    प्लाई बोर्ड, पेटी, संदूक, मैं किस काम न आता?
    ट्रक, बस बॉडी, रेल के डिब्बे, नाव, जहाज बनाता।।

    खेल-खिलौने, कुर्सी-टेबल, खटिया-पलंग सजाए।
    औषधि, चारा, तेल, मसाले, फल-फूल मुझसे पाए।

    आंधी, तूफां, वायु प्रदूषण, सब पर रोक लगाता।
    कृषि उर्वरा शक्ति बढ़ाकर, मौसम मस्त बनाता।।

    सर्दी-गर्मी-वर्षा भारी हो, मैं तेरी रक्षा करता।
    तन पर अपने धूप ताप सह, छाया तुझको देता।।

    आत्मज्ञान सुख-शांति पाने, जब तू वन में आता।
    मोह-माया का बोध छुड़ाकर, तुझको सत्य दिखाता।।

    जन्म से लेकर अंत समय तक, तेरा साथ निभाता।
    वृद्ध सहारा बनकर लाठी, मृत्यु चिता तक जाता।।

    हे! मानव एक निवेदन तुझसे, जो तू मुझको काटे।
    हां! पहले तू दस वृक्ष लगा दे, उनको स्वस्थ बना दे।।

Van Mahotsav Slogan

  • janm-mrityu, sukh-dukh ka sathi hoon, hoon main manava tera. phir bhee too upakaar chukaata, kaat-kaat tan mera
  • hal, bakkhar, jua, baadee bol kaha se deta? chhappar, ghaas, baans, ballee main hee tujhako deta.
  • janm se lekar ant samay tak, tera saath nibhata. vrddh sahaara banakar laathee, mrtyu chita tak jaata.
  • सर कटे रुख रहे, तो भी ससतो जान।
  • अरे! मनुष्य, आपसे अनुरोध, जो आप मुझे काटते हैं, क्या आप पहले दस पेड़ लगाते हैं, उन्हें स्वस्थ बनाते हैं
  • अब ये बंजर धरती करे हैं तुमसे पुकार, एक पौधा लगाकर करो श्रृंगार
  • पेड़ लगाओ, प्राण बचाओ.
  • जहाँ हरियाली है, वही खुशहाली है.
  • kadee dhoop mein jalate hain paanv, hote ped to milatee chhaanv.
  • vrikshon ke sara jeevan keval dosaron kee bhalaee karane ke liye hee hai. ye svayan to hava ke jhonke, varsha, dhoup aur paala sab kuch sahate hai, phir bhe ye ham logon kee unse raksha karte hai.

Van Mahotsav Poster

It is a good new endeavor to protect forests from destruction and planting plantation plan by nameing the Van Mahotsav, adding more and more people to it. Although this work and name are not both new. It is also mentioned in our sacred Vedas. Significant efforts were made in this direction also in the Gupta dynasty, the Maurya dynasty, and the Mughal dynasty. Its description is mentioned in history. Self in 1947 Jawaharlal Nehru, Self.

With joint efforts of Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Maulana Abdul Qalam Azad, the country’s capital Delhi was celebrated as the first festival of July in the form of a Van Mahotsav, but could not retain the legality in this work. This Punit work was completed in 1950 by Kanhaiyalal Maniklal Munshi, which is still being celebrated every year as the Van Mahotsav. Van Mahotsav is generally celebrated in the months of July-August to make more tree plantations. During the rainy season, these four month’s plants collect their roots with little effort.


Van Mahotsav Poster Image
Van Mahotsav Poster Image

Other information In 1947, joint efforts of Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajendra Prasad and Maulana Abdul Qalam Azad were celebrated in the country’s capital Delhi on the first week of July as the Van Mahotsav.

Van Mahotsav Poster

Van Mahotsav (English: Van Mahotsav) is the festival held in India in the first week of July every year. This festival is organized by the Indian government to promote plantation. In the 1960s it was an agitation to express environmental protection and sensitivity to the natural environment. The then Agriculture Minister Kanhaiyalal Maniklal Munshi initiated this.

Van Mahotsav Poster

Many pests, pests, parasites lived their lives on branches, leaves, roots and stems, and due to wildlife deforestation, many wild animals were lost and many were on the brink of extinction. Tree-roots help us in preventing soil erosion. The ground collisions of the sharp drops of rain make the drops of trees drifting almost on their own by taking them on the leaves of trees. Why are we required to celebrate the Van Mahotsava? The main reason of this question is de-forestation (non-forestation) – non-forestry is human or natural. So nature has saved itself from eternity. How to increase or decrease the cover of forests on this planet. In this erosion, the land, insects, moths, and tree-animals are all coming.


The role of the Indian Forest Survey Institute, Dehradun is crucial that it brings the facts of the forest to us from our survey, only then we can know what was the status of forest in the past and what is today? According to Forest Policy, 1988, 33 percent of the total area of ​​land should be forest cover.

Plants are planted in the Van Mahotsav, for example, alternative fuel systems, increasing food grains, increasing the production capacity, making shelter belts around fields, feed production for animals, shade and beautification, land conservation etc. It is a celebration of awareness of tree awareness among the people and it shows that plantation and maintenance of trees is the best way to prevent global warming and pollution. Van Mahotsav is celebrated like the celebration of life.

Only natural balance will survive, but according to the 2001 data collected by Remote Sensing, the total area of ​​the country is 32,87,263 square kilometers. is. Among them forest part 6,75,538 sq km That is, the forest cover is only 20 percent and these figures are too old. If Madhya Pradesh is discussed then the total area of ​​Madhya Pradesh is 308445 sq km and forest land 76265 sq. Km. That is, 24 percent of the forest land is on the ground, while the reality is that the forest cover of the state is now only about 19 percent remaining.

Deforestation is done in many ways. These include cutting, drying, burning, illegal excavation trees in the trees. The areas of villages, towns, metropolitan cities are increasing and the forest is getting narrowed. Demand for the use of wood for daily needs has increased. Due to the construction of large dams, very large forest areas have been submerged and submerged and have lost their existence for ever.

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