Home Entertainment RACE 3 Full Movie Review Rating | Salman Khan | EID 2018

RACE 3 Full Movie Review Rating | Salman Khan | EID 2018

RACE 3 Full Movie Review Rating | Salman Khan | EID 2018 : Salman’s ‘ Race 3’ was disappointed! No, do not get it now. The Race ‘franchisee could not win the’ Race ‘or’ Race 2 ‘as well as the audience. In the eyes of movie critics, the title of disappointing movie got Race 3 full movie. The movie has been confronted by the negative reviews of the Race 3 on the first day of its release.

RACE 3 Full Movie
RACE 3 Full Movie

RACE 3 Full Movie

Because of the Bollywood hit machine Salman Khan, there was no hope for everyone in Race 3 Movie Collection. But Sallu disappointed like ‘Tubelight’. Untimely stories, unnecessary songs, and additional action are getting negative feedback due to Race 3 full movie.

RACE 3 Full Movie Review Rating

Race 3 full movie released on Friday (June 15th). After the release, Bollywood movie analysts give Race 3 full movie only 5, 5, or 2 in the rating. Which is absolutely frustrating. Renowned analyst Taran Model said, frustrating. All that glitters is not gold. Remo D’Souza (Director) lost the golden opportunity. Race 3 full movie is based on Salman. Eid, brand values were all in the picture. But the most important thing is being a Strong Story. Unfortunately it is not!

RACE 3 Movie Review (3.5/5)

There were actions in the previous two films of the ‘Race’ franchise, as was the story surrounding the mystery. That’s what keeps the viewer drowning. But there is no action in Race 3 full movie but the mystery or storyline is not available. As a result, this star-filled movie has frustrated the audience. However, due to Salman’s popularity, box office success may be a success. Although it can be known a few more days later.

Apart from Salman Khan in Race 3 full movie directed by Remo D’Souza, Anik Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah and others have also starred.

Eid means that Salman Khan is in boxoffice. Now he has joined hands with Shah Rukh. Together they will celebrate Eid celebration. Ego battle of two superheroes is very familiar in Bollywood. But in the celebration of the joy of the two, the sata is normal. Not just matching the throat, Emotionally, Shahrukh jumped up Salman’s lap! Can you think? The film industry, in relation to the heroes conflict, is now in Bindus Mode.

RACE 3 Rating (6.5/10)

Heroic ideals are falling in love with fans of the great mushkila. Two camps that are totally different, now they forget the quarrel, they also have ‘A gale lagja’ status. Shahrukh’s new picture Ziro’s friendship with two heroes is now the best gift in Bollywood.

In addition to the presence of Salman in teaser, Salman has choreographed Ganesh Acharya by singing a song of Zero. Katrina Kaif and Ankusha Sharma are also featured in Zero. Shahrukh Zero Teaser of Salman will be released along with the release of Idol. Earlier Salman’s picture was seen in a small role in Tubalite as well as Shahrukh.

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