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Mexican Street Corn Recipe | Ingredients | Step by Step

Mexican Street Corn Recipe : Today we prepare a delicious for Mexican Street Corn Recipe. A pure Mexican Street Food recipe that can also be prepared at home. A simple dish that elevates an ear to epic levels.Mexican Street Corn RecipeCorn is what is called the ear of sweet corn in Mexico that comes from the Nahuatl language . When it is shelled it is called different so the corn is understood as the tender corn on the cob. It is also known as Corn,  to the traditional and street dish of roasting or boiling the corn and serving it with mayonnaise, grated cheese and spicy piquin powder or piquin and lemon powder called tajin.

I really like this recipe because although the roasted corn itself is very rich, this mixture of mayonnaise flavor, the salty melting cheese, the spiciness of chili pepper and the acidity of the lemon create a spectacular StreetFood dish. It is nothing dietary but vegetarian and without a doubt a very comforting and special street snack. And since it is difficult to go to Mexico to eat it on the spot, we prepare it at home and we give all the keys to do it as if you were there.

Mexican Street Corn Recipe :

Ingredients for 4 pax

  • 4 ears of corn or corn.
  • Mayonnaise and a kitchen brush
  • 100g of grated cheese (use a cheese that crumbles like panela cheese, cotija, tender, peasant or semi-cured)
  • Chile piquin or Tajin (piquin chile powder or the popular tajIn that is piquin chile with dehydrated lemon).
  • Salt

Mexican Street Corn Recipe


  • We start with ears of sweet corn or corn. This corn can already be bought in supermarkets with relative ease. It is sold raw with the leaf.
  • You can make corn
    • boiled in a pot with water and a little salt for about fifteen minutes or make them on a barbecue.
    • Grill for about ten to fifteen minutes with the blade until it is well browned and toasted.
  • TIP : Try a corn to make sure it is well done and tender.Mexican Street Corn Recipe
  • Stick two spikes on each side and side of the corn so that you can easily handle and eat them.
  • With a brush, put mayonnaise generously through the corn and put some fine salt.Mexican Street Corn Recipe
  • Finish this recipe of Mexican corn by putting grated cheese all over the corn, spinning it.
  • Finally put the chili pepper powder in my case I used a Tajin, which is piquin chili powder with dehydrated lemon. A very popular product in Mexico and that put almost everything.Mexican Street Corn Recipe
  • Eat it with your hand and enjoy its contrast of flavors and textures.Mexican Street Corn Recipe

I hope you enjoyed this delicious recipe for Corn. Now you will eat Corn as they do in the streets of Mexico. A Easy Pasta Salad Recipe. You will not be able to stop eating Corn once you have tasted it this way.

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