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Mental Health and NutritionWe all know that stress, anguish and anxiety, insomnia, fear, eating disorders, childhood hyperactivity and learning disorders are unfortunately very common today. Many studies predict that nervous depression will be the epidemic of the future.

The rise of these disorders has coincided with the deterioration of the quality of our diet and highlights the unequivocal relationship between nutrition and emotional imbalance . Thus a deficit of ascorbic acid can cause irritability; a deficit of folic acid, insomnia; one of calcium or zinc, serious alterations of the nervous system, etc.

For each disorder, a diet and nutritional supplements can be proposed that can reduce the need for medication . Eating well gives us health and also emotional well-being.Mental Health and Nutrition

The Western diet favors states of chronic inflammation, which are also present in mental illnesses such as depression, considering that they share etiological factors. Some of the foods whose consumption should be moderated to avoid this phenomenon are simple carbohydrates, such as sugars and refined flours, sugary drinks and red meat.

An amazing fact – the intestinal flora directly influences every aspect of our vital health, including the nervous system.

Recent scientific findings have shown that the bacteria found in the intestine interact in a surprisingly active way with the brain, thus influencing its functioning. The health of our intestinal flora comes to determine our appetite, our mood and even the risk of suffering from attention deficit, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis, among other ailments.Mental Health and NutritionCertain seemingly harmless decisions, such as taking antibiotics, drinking chlorinated water, eating processed and pesticide-infested foods or even a cesarean birth can cause prolonged changes in our microbiome and, therefore, in the health of our brain.

The good news is that this can be easily rehabilitated and your optimal condition can be recovered through certain simple eating habits – reduce simple and refined sugars, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables especially, reduce the consumption of fat and protein of animal origin , etc … – that not only will help you lose weight, but to restore your intestinal flora and improve your mental health for life.

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