Kim Kardashian Is Criticized for Having Plagiarized the Style of Cher

In 1974, at the Rocky Horror Show, the famous pop diva of the time, the singer Cher appeared in an extravagant set, distinguished by a lot of details. And forty years later, the last weekend, something seemed very similar to the public when they saw Kim Kardashian. We know that this is not the first time that the star copies the costumes of some star. But what is behind this?kim kardashian styleCher’s famous costume with the Grammy awards, only that the butterfly got fat and the navel hidkim kardashian styleBoth Cher and Kim Kardashian have Armenian roots, the first is already 70 years old, but retains a good figure and appearance. The second at 37 looks almost “perfect”, which has shown in numerous photo shoots. Ladies have a lot of fame, more than enough, but the question is, why does Kim Kardashian copy Cher’s style?

Here we can say that Kim Kardashian alone in honor of Halloween persuaded his friend Jonathan Cheban to do the cosplay of the famous photo of Cher and Sonny Bonokim kardashian styleBut to paint again of a hot brunette, as it should be of origin, in a platinum blonde, in addition to a choker? Is not this a direct plagiarism, a copy of the style?
kim kardashian style
The gossips say that Kim Kardashian has an inferiority complex and she simply feels envious of the artist. He does not know how to choose any original style and rejects the help of fashion designers. Obviously, this is not the case: but we can not count how many different and unusual garments the star has worn. Therefore, this may be one more version that Kim has always seen Cher as her idol and the copy at her key kardashian styleBut sometimes this imitation only plays against himkim kardashian styleYou may also like

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