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25 Weird Laws Around the World (Real and so Crazy!)

Weird Laws Around the World : There are bizarre laws, many truly ridiculous decrees and completely delirious Weird Laws around the world. It is therefore worthwhile to sort out the real idiotic laws of those that do not exist … and those that are very real, but not so crazy!

Weird Laws Around the World

Weird Laws Around the World

Offense offense to the Head of State in France

Let’s start with the widespread belief that it is illegal in France to baptize a Napoleon pig. It is true that a French law of 1881 prohibited the crime of insulting the head of state during his mandate. But it was promulgated 66 years after the reign of Emperor Napoleon, and 11 years after the dismissal of his nephew Napoleon III. It could never have been applied to pigs called Napoleon under the reign of a Napoleon, and was not applicable either without one of them at the head of the State.

In any case, this Weird Laws was repealed in July 2013, when the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the rights of a protester had been violated when he was fined € 30 in 2008 for “offending offense” against Nicolas Sarkozy, then president, whom he had called “poor con”.

Weird Laws Around the World

Marry a deceased person in France

It is really legal in France to marry a deceased person, to the extent that we can prove that the deceased wanted it too. ThisWeird Law that allows this was introduced in 1959, after a visit by President de Gaulle in the small Provençal town of Frejus, where the rupture of a dam had caused the death of hundreds of people. There, he met a young woman whose fiance was one of the victims. She begged him to allow her to marry him anyway, and this Weird Laws was promulgated.

Dozens of posthumous marriages take place each year in France, motivated by the simple desire to realize a conjugal dream.Weird Laws Around the World

No extraterrestrials in the Chateauneuf-du-Pape vineyards

The extraterrestrials are not allowed to land in the famous vineyards of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, in the south-east of France. In 1954, the mayor of the time, Lucien Jeune, proclaimed: “Any flying aircraft, saucer or cigar that will land on the territory of the municipality, will be immediately impounded. “

In October 2016, Mayor Claude Avril said, “I will not change anything”. And why should he? After all, if no Martian landed in Châteauneuf, it is because this decree worked perfectly!

You will discover other situations likely to worry the municipality of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, consulting the 16 greatest unresolved mysteries of all time !

Weird Laws Around the World

Do not flush the toilet in Switzerland

On the other side of the border, in Switzerland, another widespread belief is that people do not have the right to flush after 22:00.

It’s half true. There is no national legislation on flushing toilets in Switzerland, but there is a Weird Laws requiring landlords to be attentive to their neighbors. This is invoked to justify rules limiting the noise of stiletto on wooden floors, car horns, pets … and the late use of flushing.Weird Laws Around the World

But you can eat cat or dog in Switzerland …

The Swiss still have their share of strange regulations, well buried in legislation.

For example, it is legal in Switzerland to eat a dog or a cat, despite many petitions tabled in parliament to prohibit this practice. Lovers for a cat fricassee? No ? That is what I thought.

Do you plan to see Switzerland? Make sure you have previously subscribed to unusual insurance !Weird Laws Around the World

No naked hikers in the canton of Appenzell

The cantons can also have their own rules. For example, in Appenzell, in the north-east of the country, hiking is prohibited – a law introduced by local conservatives who feared that the hills and valleys of their picturesque region would attract naked walkers.Weird Laws Around the World

The right to die in parliament in England

Believing it was illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament, the British voted for the law as “the most absurd” in a 2007 poll. But six years later, the Law Commission of England and Wales Wales concluded that she had never existed.

However, the Commission noted that there was still a text, dating back to 1313, forbidding its members to wear armor in Parliament – a snub in the face of the elected warriors who dreamed of donning the helmet and the plastron.Weird Laws Around the World

Do not shoot at gun within 300 m of a house in London

The Commission has also confirmed that it is unlawful in London to carry a board along a sidewalk, or to fire at a gun within 300 m of a house.Weird Laws Around the World

Drunkenness in England

It is also considered an offense in England and Wales to be drunk in an establishment licensed to sell alcohol, or to be drunk on horseback.

Discover the factors that accelerate intoxication  (to avoid!) To better control your flow of alcohol and spend a good time legally!Weird Laws Around the World

Do not feed the pigeons in Venice

And if it’s illegal to feed the pigeons in Venice, it’s for a good reason. Birds can store a lot of food in their stomachs. But these foods reappear very quickly in the form of droppings, a scourge for historic buildings that tourists (who feed them) came to admire.

In short, the less the birds eat, the less they relieve themselves and the less damage they cause.Weird Laws Around the World

Funny Italian laws

But were the Italian authorities also reasonable when they banned spherical aquariums in Rome; insisted that dog owners in Turin should walk their animals three times a day; claimed that Reggio Emilia’s pets must, according to the law, receive an entire portion of any shared meal?Weird Laws Around the World

And did we really need to ban the construction of sandcastles in Eraclea …Weird Laws Around the World

… to kiss in a car in Eboli

Make sure you have alternatives to kissing by checking out our 20 conversation suggestions for a first date !Weird Laws Around the World

… to dry beach towels at the windows in Lerici

Have you tried our 3 beach exercises on a towel ?Weird Laws Around the World

… to wear flip flops elsewhere than on the beach in Capri

or to stroll the streets of Vietri sul Mare and Castellamare di Stabia shirtless, in bikinis or in “very light” clothes!Weird Laws Around the World

Noise pollution in Germany

In Germany, noise seems to be a problem, as evidenced by the very strict rules on Larmbeastigung, noise pollution. Elsewhere, in the residential suburbs of Europe, the average citizen would spend his Sunday afternoon mowing his lawn or assembling a shelf. But not in Germany: using a drill or lawnmower is strictly forbidden on Sundays and public holidays.Weird Laws Around the World

Music crime in Germany

And the country of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Wagner also attacks the musical instruments. The German Federal Court of Justice has declared that playing, or even granting an instrument is prohibited in rental apartments, except between 8 am and noon, and between 14h and 20h.

Wearing headphones could be an option to enjoy the incredible benefits of music !Weird Laws Around the World

The right to beat a spouse once a month in certain states

Here is what she concluded: “No law of this kind has been found in the official texts of Arkansas. However, the states of Alabama, Arizona, California, and South Carolina would beat his spouse under certain circumstances … especially when the victim is consenting! “Weird Laws Around the World

The minor crime of infidelity in New York

Elsewhere in America, tourists visiting the Big Apple will note that section 255.17 of the New York Criminal Code qualifies the extramarital relationship as a “Category B minor offense”, punishable by 90 days in jail or $ 500 in fine. And see how to check  if your spouse is unfaithful to you.Weird Laws Around the World

Offending painting on ducklings in Kentucky

In Kentucky, it is prohibited to “sell or trade, exhibit or possess chicks, ducklings, and other live poultry or rabbits that have been dyed or stained … in an amount of less than six”. In other words, selling a dyed dyed blue is a crime, but six is legal!Weird Laws Around the World

One drink per person at a bar in Hawaii

On the Pacific side, it is illegal in the state of Hawaii to sit at a bar with more than one drink in front of you, unless you can designate the person for whom you bought the second glass.Weird Laws Around the World

Prohibition of chewing gum in Singapore

In Singapore, the import, sale and use of chewing gum has been banned since 1992 unless it has proven therapeutic qualities.Weird Laws Around the World

Defense to walk his dog in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the Commission for Promoting Virtues and Preventing Vice defends men from walking their dogs or cats on the streets, lest they use their pets to make advances to passers-by.Weird Laws Around the World

Form giving right to reincarnation in Tibet

Meanwhile, China is concerned about the afterlife. If they want to be reincarnated after their death and reach nirvana, Buddhist monks in Tibet occupied by China must complete a reincarnation form with the Chinese State’s Office of Religious Affairs.Weird Laws Around the World

The most absurd law price for Australia!

And for its sheer insidious folly, the most absurd Weird Laws prize in the world is a passage from the Australian Goods and Services Act of 1999, about a “new tax system.” This text is not only crazy, it clearly defies our sense of reality:

“The Commission may treat a particular event that occurred as if it had not occurred, and treat a particular event that did not take place as if it had happened, and treat an event that really happened as if it had occurred at a different time than it happened. “We walk on the head!

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