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What Do I Have to Look for When Buying a Family Car?

Since you have a family, trips are no longer the same. Volkswagen helps you choose the vehicle that best suits your new needs.What Do I Have to Look for When Buying a Family Car?When the family grows, the way of traveling changes completely. One of the first changes noticed by parents has to do with space: “What a lot of things, we seem to leave home!” Is one of the most repeated expressions in families with children when it comes to loading the car.

The cradle of travel, the bikes for the elderly, the toys, the suitcases … Without a doubt, one of the most important requirements that a family car has to have is a good trunk with enough spacethat allows us to forget at last to do those ” Tetris “impossible to take away our sleep.

Within the range of Volkswagen family cars we can find different boot options, all of them with a great capacity that goes from the 500 liters of Golf Sportsvan to the more than 800 of the Sharan.

Another aspect to take into account is, obviously, the number of places . It is not the same to have a child than four, and if you have the foresight to continue expanding your family, you can consider doing it directly with a seven-seater car, such as the Touran. If you also have a pet, you should also look at the width of the rear seats.

Pay attention now to  connectivity, which is a very important factor to take into account when purchasing a new vehicle: music, messaging apps, GPS …  The new range of Volkswagen family cars comes ready to enjoy all the functionalities of our smartphone while traveling by car.

For example, the new Volkswagen Touran adds Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its Car-Net App Connect service to allow the connection of the vast majority of smartphones on the market and use a large number of apps in the car in a safe and comfortable way from the touch screen of the infotainment system.

In addition, with the “Guide & Inform” services of Car-Net, the navigation systems allow us to know the state of the roads, the news, the weather forecast … with the information taken from the internet.

If you do not decide which is the family car that best suits your needs, you can try the Volkswagen selector , which after answering two very brief questions tells you which is the perfect vehicle for yours.What Do I Have to Look for When Buying a Family Car?

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