We Already Have a Date for the Other Big Wedding of the Year!

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie said they would wait for the filming of Game of Thrones to finish. Well, that moment has arrived.

Many would give anything to receive an invitation to the wedding of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie . It’s the only one in which no character game Tron will die brutally! Anyway, we understand that there are people who would like that as much as getting into a Bershka on the first day of sales.

We talk, of course, to the rest of the cast of the series, which will surely have among its ranks someone who will see future boyfriends not as a global star of television, but as you see many co-workers with whom you share several hours a day: you endure them for obligation, not for pleasure.

We Already Have a Date for the Other Big Wedding of the Year!

Well, what would you do if one of them invites you to her wedding? Obviously make up any excuse for not having to do it. Something in plan “just that date I can not because I have to get up the next day fast to shoot my death on a remote mountain”, which is something that sooner or later every actor of Game of Thrones has said.

The problem is that this is the only thing that can not claim the workers of the series who want to get rid of having to buy a wedding gift to the future bride and groom, since according to just known thanks to BBC, the series would have completed its filming the day that Kit and Rose have chosen to get married: June 23.

Both Harington and Rose fulfill the promise that their link was not going to interfere with the filming schedule of HBO fiction, especially considering that when recording outdoors throughout Europe (a couple of weeks ago several were seen actors for Seville) is very complicated to gather all the cast in one place and at the same time.

But now that the ball is on the roof of the post-production team, which will have to work in a hurry so we can see the last chapters in 2019, it’s time to prepare for the big day. And although they probably have several parties ahead, at the moment Kit Harington has taken the pleasure to celebrate the bachelor party that many men would want: riding in a Formula 1 car during the Monaco GP.

We Already Have a Date for the Other Big Wedding of the Year!

There the actor has been seen in the company of two other famous actors of the series, Liam Cunningham and Nikolaj Coster-Walda , with whom he has celebrated this farewell farewell by visiting the pits and making a full-speed tour through the streets. Monte Carlo streets next to the famous pilot Mika Pauli Hakkinen, who has taught them in first person what it feels like in one of these cars.

We Already Have a Date for the Other Big Wedding of the Year!

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