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Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old

In 2030, the third age will represent almost 17% of the global population. These are the best countries in which to reach the decline of life.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old

Aging is an irremediable fact . Reaching this peak of maturity and wisdom is a process that every person is predestined to face. And despite the fact that many insist on avoiding it and struggle to cling to a hypothetical  eternal youth , no one can escape .

However, according to experts, there are tactics to counteract the effects of getting older and prolonging our existence. Moderate the pace of life, take a balanced diet , reduce stress and haste, avoid sedentary lifestyle and improve our social communication are the main ingredients for a better and longer life . However, not only the ‘good habits ‘ influence  , since depending on the country in which we live, this path will be more or less difficult.

As a result of this point, the writer Dan Buettner coined the term ‘Blue Zone’ in 2006 . This refers to those places where the longevity rate exceeds that of other countries and that, at the same time, has a low rate of aches associated with  old age . Therefore, it is demonstrated, our habits, as well as the country in which we find ourselves, will decide how much we are going to live.

According to the latest study of the Global Aging Index (AgeWatch), as the fertility rate decreases and  life expectancy increases, the proportion of people aged 60 and over is expected to increase in all regions of the world .

But, why is it interesting to know this information about the well-being of old age ?

Currently, this sector of the population is the fastest growing group and it is estimated that by 2030 they will represent almost 17% of the global population . This well-being of old age is therefore the reflection of a wealth of experiences and habits throughout a lifetime.

People should have the opportunity to live their life in the best possible way in each of the different stages, with dignity and freedom of choice. So much so that, the adaptation of measures that favor the quality of life today, will be an insurance for the society of tomorrow. Many cities have adapted their policies for years to achieve this desired condition. However, there are many who have not seen this result flourish yet.

Here we present a ranking of the best ‘Blue Zones’ of this century . Through this list, we analyze the countries (with their respective cities highlighted) in which fulfilling years is easier and easier.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


Switzerland has one of the best policies and advanced programs for active aging and the promotion of skills, health and favorable environments for the elderly.

The towns of Ruschlikon , Meggen and Zug are the best places to establish residence in Switzerland, based on seven criteria: housing, employment, population statistics / taxpayers, taxes, public transport, security and local services, such as schools, doctors, shops and cultural offer. Switzerland also has the best favorable environment worldwide.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


The wealth of this country is really varied. It has a very high income index, where oil exploitation, mining or shipbuilding activities acquire a great economic weight. In addition, despite the financial crisis, its unemployment rate has never exceeded 5%. Norway also stands out for the lowest rates on the planet in homicides and imprisonments, pollution and gender inequality. As if that were not enough, public education is totally free and with one of the best educational systems in Europe.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


Working to live, and not the other way around, that is the philosophy of the Swedes. And recently, the 6-hour workday has been implemented as a substitute for the 8-hour workday (charging the same). This is because, as they have announced, a worker produces the same in 6 hours than in 2 more.

In terms of general welfare, valuing health, education or life expectancy, Sweden is the third of the best destinations to reside, and Stockholm , the chosen as the best city of the same, as well as the number 20 worldwide.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


Germany presents one of the best rates of professional skills and education. This has been one of the main reasons why hundreds of Spaniards have decided to emigrate to this country before the scourge of the economic crisis. In Germany, about 75% of people aged 15 to 64 are in paid employment and 86% of adults aged 25 to 64 have completed upper secondary education.

Although the most representative cities are Munich or Berlin, the ideal place to live in this country is the city of Essen.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


When the global financial crisis broke out, the Canadian economy consolidated itself as one of the most advanced, robust and solid in the industrialized world. It has become a world leader in mineral exports and a net exporter of energy.

This country, in addition, has been listed as one of the happiest in the world for its excellent indicators of general well-being and quality of life. Canadian education is considered among the best in the world and access is effective at all levels of education, including among adults and the elderly.

Its social assistance program also stands out among the characteristics of the country. However, access to healthcare is one of the points to improve. Despite the good health of the population, access to healthcare is limited and expensive.

Ottawa is the city that provides the highest quality of life to its citizens in this country.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


Within this ranking, it is in sixth place, the Netherlands. This area stands out for its good results in income security and a favorable environment.

Amsterdam is the outstanding place to reside, because it is one of the best cities in terms of sanitary conditions and little pollution.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


It has one of the lowest percentages of corruption and the average salary of its inhabitants is the highest in the world. The Icelandic nature is one of the last remaining in the virgin state of the earth. Its glaciers provide one of the best and purest waters and the air is very clean. This is because in this island there are no large agglomerations and thousands of factories as in many European countries.

Reykjavik , its capital, is the best area to live within this country.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


Japan is one of the fastest growing countries. For years, it has undertaken a comprehensive welfare policy, universal health care, a universal social pension and a plan for income redistribution, low unemployment rates and progressive taxes. This has indisputably made it one of the countries with the longest aging, healthiest and richest in the world.

The inhabitants of  Okinawa , a small island south of the Japanese archipelago, are famous for their longevity. It is one of the corners of the planet with the highest proportion of centenarians. According to the inhabitants themselves, the rich diet, tranquility and purity of the area and even their ancestral beliefs greatly influence.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


The US is quite a ‘heavyweight’ in terms of labor and commercial skills. However, access to quality healthcare is extremely expensive.

Among its 50 states, one of the best areas of the United States to live is in Loma Linda , belonging to California .

In this locality, the life expectancy is noticeably superior to that of the rest of American compatriots, approximately of a difference of nine to eleven years more.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old

United Kingdom

At the European level, the United Kingdom is one of the countries with the best level of education, given that almost 40% of the population carries out higher education. The average disposable income is favorable (around 21,000 euros) and also, its unemployment rate does not reach 5%.

Two of the locations in this country are Bristol, awarded by the British as the best city in 2017, and Belfast , since, unlike the first, its costs are lower and it saves more.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


According to statistics, its citizens are not those who have more life expectancy, but those who are happiest. Danes pay the highest rate of income in the European Union (48.2%). However, the money they pay returns in many ways. For example, maternity leave is extended up to one year with full salary and each child receives a contribution from the State of 1,000 euros until he reaches 18 years of age. The unemployed can receive subsidies for a long period of time. And also, they have an excellent free health and education service.

The Danish city par excellence to prolong our life is Copenhagen .

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old

New Zealand

The low population and its large green areas place New Zealand at number 12 in this ranking. It is a society with quite high rates of egalitarian society and a really low percentage of criminality.

Auckland is the outstanding city of this country, in fact, almost a third of the total population resides in this town.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


The high quality of life is reflected in the low crime rate, the high level of social security and an attractive commercial and leisure infrastructure. It is estimated that 72% of people aged 15 to 64 in Austria have gainful employment. In addition, it ranks second after Switzerland in favorable environments.

Among its different cities, Vienna is one of the best places to live due to its excellent security, price and quality of housing. This has been chosen in different studies as the best in the world.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


Finland is one of the safest countries in the world. The good educational level and professional skills stand out in the country. It is estimated that 88% of adults between 25 and 64 years old finish upper secondary education. Finland is also the fifth most sustainable economy in the world and occupies that same position in the ranking of the happiest countries.

Its capital, Helsinki , is selected in this case as the best city to reside.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


Our French neighbors have received the third place in terms of income security. It is only surpassed by Norway and the unbeatable Luxembourg.

The most characteristic city is the Parisian capital, but due to its frenetic level of life and its high cost, the one chosen as one of the best cities to reside leans towards Strasbourg .

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


It is the country of kangaroos, but also a great place to live. Australia has a powerful economy, with great labor competencies and an excellent percentage of health among its citizens.

Melbourne has been chosen for years as the best city to live in the world.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


If we think of countries with quality and life expectancy, many would not bet on Greece. However, the inhabitants of a small island in this country live on average ten years longer than the rest of Western Europe. We are talking about Ikaria . It is not known for sure why this phenomenon occurs. It could be because of the fresh air and the simple and open lifestyle. It is a mystery

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


In response to the financial crisis, Italy began a pension reform to address issues such as the level of benefits, financial and fiscal sustainability, retirement age and administrative efficiency.

However, none of this is what causes  Nuoro , on the island of Sardinia , to be one of the five places in the world where life expectancy is highest. This was one of the first Blue Zones discovered in 2006 by Buettner.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is surpassed by several countries in different categories of quality of life measuring. One of the points in which most highlights is in the state of health of citizens. This fact is reflected in an extraordinary way in the Nicoya Peninsula.The men of this Costa Rican region have the highest life expectancy in the world. There, a man who reaches the age of 80, can live an average of 8.2 years more; and one that reaches 90, has a life expectancy 4.4 years more, above nations such as Japan, Iceland or the United States.

Places in the World Where You Will Be 100 Years Old


Spain is the country of the European Union with the highest life expectancy, approximately 83 years. In addition, as far as health is concerned, it also acquires good results. However, the economic income and unemployment unleashed since the beginning of the economic crisis have caused it to fall considerably in the ranking.

In this case, Salamanca is the Spanish city with the highest life expectancy, with an average of approximately 84 years.

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