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The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Excrements, sex, water, dog collars, bread, mummies, extraterrestrials … in this compilation we find the strangest and most spooky museums.

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Not all the  museums represent a resplendent halo of high culture. Some, like the ones we review today in this gallery, focus on the most … exotic aspects of the world.

You must know that no matter how strange, unconventional or extravagant the theme, there is probably a museum dedicated to it in some corner of our varied planet.

These ‘treasures’ scattered around the world will surely satisfy the most bizarre curiosity seekers.

When you think about visiting a museum, you probably think of a serious and recognized institution, such as the Louvre Museum in Paris or the  Prado Museum in Madrid. However, not all museums are traditional. There are many unusual museums, ranging from the strange to the frankly spooky or eschatological (not suitable for sensitive stomachs).

And is that museums are ubiquitous in our society; there is at least one in almost every major city in the world, most of them dedicated to art or history. While places like the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York), the Uffizi Gallery in Florence or The National Gallery in London are very important cultural milestones, sometimes we like to go out of the ordinary and try something a little different.

There are all kinds of strange museums in the world that are worth visiting even if only for the novelty they represent. Here is a list of the strangest museums in the world that you probably want to visit once in your life (or not).

We will review the Museum of the Caca, the bread, the sex, the dog collars or the amazing and striking Alien Museum in Gruyeres, Switzerland. You will find where to locate these museums, their content and some curiosities about them.

Museum of the Condoms

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

We travel to Thailand. Considering that this country is one of the largest producers of  condoms in the world, it should not be surprising that it has a museum dedicated to this contraceptive device. Located outside of Bangkok in the city of Nonthaburi, the Condom Museum was founded with the intention of eliminating the negative view of Thais towards condom use, raising awareness about sexual protection and increasing their confidence in the use of condoms. this contraceptive method.

Toilet Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is located in New Delhi, India. It’s funny because considering how difficult it is to find decent bathrooms in this region, it’s ironic to discover that this country is home to a museum dedicated to toilets. ‘Hygiene is more important than independence’, said Gandhi once. Anyway, if you ever wanted to learn about the complete evolution of toilets throughout the history of humanity, we recommend you visit this museum, which tracks the history of the  bathroom for the last 4,500 years.

mummy Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

In Guanajuato, Mexico, we will find the Museum of the Mummies. It is one of the most fearsome museums in the world, because it houses a series of naturally mummified bodies that were buried during a cholera outbreak around the city back in 1833. The natural mummification of the corpses was probably caused by the heat and dryness characteristic of Guanajuato. This macabre enclave became a museum in 1969, and currently exhibits more than 100 mummies. It is the largest collection of  natural mummies in the world, cultural heritage of the Municipality of Guanajuato.

Museum of the Penes

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Welcome to the Icelandic Faloteca .The museum contains a collection of more than 215 male reproductive pieces that belong to almost all terrestrial and marine mammals that can be found in Iceland.

Underwater Museum of Art

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

The Underwater Museum of Art, MUSA, is located under the waters of Cancun and has more than 470 submerged statues for the enjoyment of  divers or snorkel users. It is probably the only museum in the world where diving equipment is needed to enter it. This submerged sculptural extravaganza is found in one of the clearest bodies of water in the world, the Mexican National Marine Park in the Caribbean. The sculptures (located at 3-6 meters deep) represent residents and even some celebrities. All of them are made of special materials that respect the sea, which means that in the end, this attraction will become an impressive coral reef by itself.

Grifo Water Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

This curious museum dedicated to tap water is located in Beijing, China. In it we will find all the ins and outs of tap water (there is nothing), which includes 130 “real objects”, models and artifacts such as old water coupons dating from the first tap water company in the capital, the water company Jingshi Tap. However, let’s hope you’re not tempted to quench your thirst here, as Beijing residents have known for some time that the water coming out of their taps is not very safe to drink.

And it is that in a city without exit to the sea that faces a growing risk of shortage of water, is not enough justification to create a  monumentto the challenge of supplying clean and running water to millions of people? This museum was founded in 1908 just outside the city gate in Dongzhimen.

International Museum of the UFO

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

The International Museum of the  UFO is located in the old theater of Roswell in New Mexico (USA). Founded in 1991, the museum is the ideal place for lovers of extraterrestrial conspiracies, flying saucers and the UFO phenomenon in general. In fact, it is so successful worldwide that it represents the largest source of income for the people. A bookstore and a gift shop with souvenirs inspired by extraterrestrials are other attractions of the museum.

Museum of Excrements

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

A museum in honor of the poop? It is the first permanent exhibition dedicated to human and animal excrement. It is called National Poo Museum and we can visit it on the English island of Wight, in the south of England. The National Museum of the Caca was inaugurated in 2016 and shows all kinds of feces stuck in resin spheres: poop of a human baby, a pigeon, a lion … and even fossilized poop of reptiles with millions of years.

If you find it odd or the eschatological thing goes, in the souvenir shop you can buy a plastic replica. Another museum dedicated to the feces is in Italy, specifically in Milan, where we can visit the Museu da Merda inside the medieval Italian castle of Castelbosco, located about 100 kilometers from Milan.

Plastinarium Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

With 1,200 meters of surface and located in Berlin, Germany, the Museum Plastinarium (or Museum of the Human Being) opened its doors in 2015. It is the work of German artist and  scientist Gunther von Hagens who rose to fame after “plastinar” his first corpse in 1990, after two decades of research in Heidelberg.

The doctor nicknamed ‘Doctor Death’, thus exhibits his collection of human corpses, preserved under the technique of plastination so that they are not altered. These bodies without life were turned into immortal corpses through plastination, extracting all body fluids that were subsequently replaced by resins and plastic materials. All of them are part of the exhibition.

Hair Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

A museum in honor of the tufts of hair . The Avanos Hair Museum is located in Avanos, Turkey and, as we say, it is a tribute to the hair strand. In this city in Cappadocia, hidden in a dark cave under a pottery shop, there are exposed more than 16,000 tufts of hair with their corresponding names and addresses of the females to which they correspond.

Instant Ramen Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

A museum that pays tribute to instant noodles? The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum of Osaka in  Japan is everything a noodle lover could want. The ramen is made with different types of Chinese noodles served in a broth prepared usually with fish, miso and soy sauce and other ingredients and this museum is dedicated to its precooked version. The curious thing about this museum is that we can not only go through the history of this food, but also participate in cooking workshops and tastings.

Dog Collar Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Almost half a million pet lovers  spend each year for this unique display of dog collars that can be found in the manor house of Leeds Castle, whose last owner was the honorable Olive, Lady Baillie, whose love for dogs inspired the creation from the museum. The exhibition has more than 100 unique objects that date back centuries, as well as historical documents about the canine accessories of the medieval era. The most striking of the museum are the collars for dogs of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Sewer Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Located in the sewers under the Orsay quay in Paris, France, on the left bank in the center of Paris, the Sewer Museum is an unmissable attraction for any visitor interested in engineering, public works or unusual tourist sites, as well as for the fans of Victor Hugo’s most famous novel, Les Miserables. The route is very famous and has been organized since 1889.

Museum of Torture

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, has more than 50 museums, but few are as strange and creepy as the Museum of Torture . Located in the center of the city, the museum offers a vivid image of the painful European past, in which we will find a large number of punishment instruments from different parts of Europe, from the torture chair of the Inquisition to the guillotine. It is a gloomy museum where the most dantesque and cruel objects that we can imagine are exhibited.

Museum of the Vampires

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

The Museum of  Vampires and Legendary Creatures of Paris (France) was founded by Jacques Sirgent, an eccentric scholar specialized in the macabre. This spooky museum is a visual representation of his dedicated research on vampirism. The museum houses an authentic anti-vampire protection kit from the 19th century, a mummified cat and several anti-vampire weapons. It is located just 16 minutes from the center of Paris, in Les Lilas.

Psychiatric Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Considered one of the most unusual museums in the United States, the Glore Psychiatric Museum in Missouri recounts the 130-year history of St. Joseph’s Hospital and centuries of mental health treatment. Located on the grounds of the original hospital, the museum’s exhibits include surgical tools, treatment equipment, furniture, nurses’ uniforms, personal notes and fascinating works of art from hospital patients .

International Cryptozoology Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Located in the county of Maine, North America, and coordinated by renowned naturalist and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, the museum offers a wide range of exhibits of rare specimens, scientists and zoos that give rise to the popular traditions found within cryptozoology . This branch is dedicated to the study of hidden animals and involves the search for individuals whose existence has not been verified, such as the Yeti, the abominable Snowman.

Parasitological Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

The Parasitological Museum of Meguro is one of the most original that we can find in Japan. Opened in 1953, in this museum you can learn everything you always wanted to know about tapeworms, lice and many other curious parasites. The impressive collection has more than 300 specimens, including a  giant tapeworm 9 meters long. Awesome! It is the only museum of parasitology in the world and admission is free.

Mutter Museum

The 20 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Another museum not suitable for sensitive people. At the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia (USA) you will find the strangest collections related to medicine and anatomy . Unpleasant for some, interesting for others. This museum (founded in 1858), is part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and exhibits preserved collections of medical rarities, anatomical samples, models and medical instruments in a 19th century setting. Highlights of the museum include President Grover Cleveland’s jaw tumor, Albert Einstein’s brain and Dr. Joseph Hyrtl’s collection of human skulls.

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