So This Is the Secret of Kylie’s ‘miraculous’ Recovery …

Now we know what two people you have to thank.

Kylie Jenner had wanted to be a mother for years and the experience has not disappointed her. But the way she is assuming her motherhood has angered some people: her presence at the Coachella festival, her constant hair changes, and her lifestyle has always been punished, but now even more so.

But the little Jenner, who is only 20 years old, has already made it clear that she does not follow any dictation. Nor familiar. Kylie has been the only one who has kept her pregnancy secret and now we know that she does not follow her sisters’ teachings about losing the extra pounds after having her first daughter, Stormi Webster.

A few days ago, Khloé acknowledged that he had already started playing sports, even though True Thompson only a month old. His urgency was further emphasized after seeing his first images walking the little one, which he did not like too much.

But although they are sisters – they share the same mother – the truth is that Kylie’s experience with motherhood has been different. When Stormi turned a month, the celebrity took a selfie in which he could see his abdomen and nobody could have imagined that he had just gone through a pregnancy. And a few days ago, on a paradisiacal trip with the girl and her partner, Travis Scott, the celebrity sported a figure that many described as enviable.

Therefore, everyone imagined that Kylie had returned to the gym to recover her old weight. But, according to his words, it has not been exactly like that. ” I have not been [exercising]! I need to tone my body and start doing sports for my health, “he acknowledged the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Because at this moment, Kylie is clear about her priorities.

“Honestly, I’m not aware of how much weight all the time. I like my body and each phase it goes through. I’m as surprised as the others. I feel that I am still pregnant and what I want, “insisted the celebrity, who is aware that it is not usual to experience a recovery like his.

“I do not have time to exercise unless I get up at six in the morning. I am very busy. Although I want to train again; my friend Jordyn [Woods] inspires me to do it. She exercises once or twice a day. I think they are the Jenner genes, “says the celebrity, referring to his parents, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner.

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