Channing Tatum Chooses the Best Possible Day to Speak for the First Time in Public of His Ex-wife Jenna Dewan

Since his separation was announced in April, the actor had remained silent.

Yesterday when you opened Instagram you thought you had traveled in time, quiet, everything has a logical explanation. It is true that Spain celebrated it a couple of weeks ago, but on Sunday it was Mother’s Day in the United States.

And what does that mean? That hundreds of celebrities took the opportunity to congratulate theirs by publishing photographs and videos on social networks with which to honor the woman who brought them the world. We suppose that they would also call them by phone and they would stay to eat with them, but posture with their followers comes first.

What we did not expect is that this was precisely the day that Channing Tatum would take the opportunity to launch for the first time in public a direct message to his ex-wife Jenna Dewan, from which she separated by mutual agreement last April and from whom He had said one word again.

It is what mourning has when a love story that has lasted more than a decade is finished: that we must keep silence and distance so that wounds heal. But after several weeks, the ban has been lifted to normalize the situation and treat each other as friends. Even if it’s only for the sake of Everly Elizabeth, the five-year-old daughter they both share.

And precisely because of that, because Jenna beside her ex-wife is a mother, that is why Tatum has dedicated a tender message to him in Instagram stories, wishing him a happy day while he enjoyed a day of rest on the beach.

“Happy mother’s day to everyone,” says the protagonist of Magic Mike looking at the camera, while the wind plays on his own, before sending the message to his daughter’s mother and his own mother. “Jenna, happy mother’s day, honey. Mom, happy day for you too. I hope you like this beautiful sunset. I love you!”.

We are very happy to see that although love has run out, the respect between them is still intact.


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