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Singing With Your Baby Can Help Ease Postnatal Depression

Singing With Your BabySinging With Your Baby Can Help: Bringing a child into the world is a time of joy. Even so, there are many women who develop postpartum depression ( PPD ), a common and often difficult to detect a condition that affects 1 in 10 new mothers. Caused mainly by hormonal changes through which the body passes after giving birth, causes great fears and anxieties.

However, scientists believe they have found a therapy that not only helps cure this disorder but also helps create bonds with the baby. Some British researchers found that mothers with postpartum depression who sing to their children show better progress in their recovery than those who do not. It is a pleasant treatment that also helps strengthen the relationship with the child.

Sing: A Cure for Postpartum DepressionSinging With Your Baby

Anxiety, negative thoughts, sadness, fear and despair, postpartum depression(PPD) is a real condition and, if left untreated, can be dangerous. Currently, psychological therapy and medications are used, but some British experts propose a musical complement to accelerate the recovery of new mothers.

A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry showed the results of singing therapy in a group of 134 mothers diagnosed with DPP. The women were divided into three groups: one performed group singing sessions, the second participated in creative play activities and the third used traditional psychological therapy.

The first group met several times with their babies in sessions in which mothers sang lullabies to their children and even invented new musical themes related to motherhood and the challenges it brings.Singing With Your Baby

Although the three groups improved after 10 weeks of treatment, the participants who underwent music therapy showed 35% more progress in reducing sadness and anxiety control compared to mothers who used more conventional treatments. The British scientists in charge of the study relied on previous research suggesting that singing helped reduce anxiety, as well as generating a sense of closeness to their environment.

Although music therapy alone does not cure postpartum depression and requires the guidance of professional therapists, it is presented as a complement to the treatment and generation of links between that mother who feels overwhelmed and her baby who has just arrived at the world.

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