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6 Tips for Traveling in a Group

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With your friends you have decided to go on vacation. What fun! But … can you avoid fights or arguments during the trip ? Of course yes! You just have to pay attention to the following 6 tips for traveling in a group. Enjoy your stay with whoever you want and remember that you can also put them into practice when traveling as a couple or as a family.

That vacations do not ruin the friendship

Traveling as a group is an excellent option not only to have a great time with like-minded people, but also to save some money on transport and accommodation. Without a doubt, going on vacation with friends is an experience that nobody should miss. However, it is necessary to pay attention to certain issues to avoid problems. Here are some tips for traveling as a group:

1. Plan ahead

It is true that some people like to go on vacation “adrift” and improvise in the moment. But when we are with others that is not always a good idea. Having a general itinerary allows you not to waste hours that are very valuable in organizing the day’s activities. Try to be all in agreement in the walks, places to go to eat, excursions, etc.

Perhaps it is convenient that one is in charge to look for information of the destiny in advance . With this data it will be easier to choose what to do.

2. Establish a budget

Each of those who travel will have a different ability to spend money. You are also likely to have a different consideration as to how to use your savings. Therefore,  we can not expect everyone to meet the same budget.

Beyond the common expenses (hotel, meals, fuel), it is not necessary that everyone go to eat at restaurants every night,  or that you pay for trips that are not affordable at all . Better to negotiate so that everyone can enjoy more or less the same things.

In the event that someone does not want to go out to eat (because they do not want to or because they can not) there are two options: either all stay in the cabin or only those who prefer it, without problems and without arguments.

3. Put rules of coexistence

Being on vacation is very good, but you also need certain rules to fulfill. If, for example, you rent a house or cabin, decide who will be responsible for each task: cooking, shopping, washing dishes, making a bed, etc.

Not only in relation to daily tasks, but also to the habits of each one. Maybe there are some who prefer to get up early and others who take the opportunity to sleep a little more in the holidays.  A good idea is to establish a “medium” schedule to start the activities of the day.

4. Be considerate

If you are a mess ordering the room because you leave everything lying down, if you take a long time when you take a shower, if you are watching television until dawn … think twice before doing it if you go on a group trip. Others do not have to put up with certain things about your personality. Remember that respect, solidarity and companionship are vital in vacations with friends or groups.

5. Avoid arguments

There are thousands of things that can make us “lose our heads” when we are on vacation, no matter who our companions are. But you have to try to get along most of the time. How are fights prevented? Listening to the other, not wanting to always do what you like, seeking consensus, avoiding complaints, etc.

It would also be good to leave certain issues aside during the holidays :  politics, religion or football are excluded from the after-dinner. The “rags in the sun” better not ventilate at this time.

6. Spend moments alone

It is not necessary that you do everything in the company of others. If, for example, our group consists of several couples, we should allow them to go out alone to eat, walk or shop. The fact of sharing so much time can cause problems. A little privacy does not hurt anyone.

Are you organizing a group vacation? Thanks to these tips it will be an unforgettable experience!

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