Best Destination Spas – Disconnect from the world as a couple

Disconnect from the world as a couple in the heart of Sardinia: Best Destinations Spa: You are in the south of Sardinia, in the surroundings of the pretty village of Villasimius. Enjoy your hotel spa as a couple. What if you start with a small sauna session to relax? A walk around the pool and chain a body treatment based on seaweed.

Best Destination Spas

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Serenity invades you, and do not worry about anything while you go to visit the wine cellars of the surroundings. The next day, after waking up with a sensation of complete relaxation thanks to a yoga session, you leave for the beautiful beach of Simius. Comfortably seated at the table of a small restaurant in Villasimius, you toast with a glass of Vermentino for this stay in a couple in Sardinia.

A few hundred meters away, the unspoiled coastline and the vineyards form the ideal setting for this dolce vita for two.

1. Relaxing holiday for two in Essaouira

Lying on the edge of the pool, enjoy a couple of the Moroccan Riad that surrounds you, facing the Purple Islands. You feel the beneficial effects of your latest modeling before leaving to explore the city of Essaouira. Two steps from the medina, you have breakfast in front of the sea.

In an atmosphere of a thousand and one nights, you opt later for a full Turkish bath experience with black soap treatment and massage for two. At night, while watching the island of Mogadur from the beach, your partner brings you a mint tea: your stay as a couple in Morocco adopts decidedly paradisiacal nuances.

2. Weekend for two in Biarritz: Getaway to the placidity of the French Basque Country

From your room facing the sea, watch the ocean agitation: welcome to Biarritz! While in the distance, surfers are already facing the waves; close your eyes and enjoy the benefits of a Zen treatment with seawater. A moment of relaxation in the pool and on the way to the Grande Plage for a revitalizing walk. After having taken a walk through the picturesque port of Biarritz, you go out to taste the local dishes in the intimate atmosphere of a small restaurant on Gambetta street.

You think about the program the next day on the way back: facial treatment, massage for two, and a walk to the Rock of the Virgin. Luxury, tranquility, and pleasure summarize the atmosphere of your stay as a couple in Biarritz.

3. Stay for two in Dinard: tranquility in the Breton style

On the terrace of the hotel, all your worries fade in front of the relaxing panoramic view of the sea and Dinard. In the sweetness of the morning, you have breakfast and then enjoy a moment of well-being in the spa with an algae bath. After a few laps in the seawater pool, you will taste some delicious freshly caught fish!

Later, you walk along rue de la Malouine and marvel at the majestic mansions that stand out. In this Belle Epoque environment, you reach the beach. At night, after your private Pilates session, you let yourself be cooed by the murmur of the waves while you sleep thinking about the wild beauty of the Breton landscapes and the final part of your weekend in Dinard.

4. Mediterranean evasion: stay in a couple in Porticcio

Mmm, This sweet breeze that comes from the Mediterranean has made you forget the stress right away; your stay in Porticcio begins with a moment of total relaxation in the spa: a delicious moisturizing facial treatment. Later, once again, in the hands of professionals, you find harmony as a couple with a massage in front of Ajaccio Bay.

With an overflowing serenity, you take a light lunch in the city and then go to enjoy the beach of La Viva, under the imposing silhouette of the Capitello tower. A snorkeling session in the crystal clear Corsican waters, and the disconnection is already total. The Turkish bath with essential oils is the highlight of your relaxing getaway to Porticcio.

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