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How to Get Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe

Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe : It is wrong to think that traveling in first class or business class is only for an elite and the rich. Who has not dreamed of being pampered at the front of the plane on a long-haul flight, having more space to stretch your legs and enjoy more elaborate meals? Discover our 4 techniques and tips to fly in business class without breaking the bank.

The liberalization of air transport and the emergence of increasingly large planes – A380 in the lead – have reduced prices by 40% over the last 30 years in the United States, but also in Europe and democratize the air Transport. When air transport was reserved not so long ago to only bosses, stars, and millionaires, air transport is now accessible to all, with prices starting from a few tens of euros.

Although the quality of services in economy class has improved significantly, on some low-cost companies comfort can be spartan with little room for legs and seats still too narrow. For more comfort and additional services, the ideal is to travel in business class. Here are 4 tips to fly in business class without breaking the bank.

Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe
Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe

Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe

1. Specialized companies

Over the past decade has emerged a new concept of airlines: companies specializing in the business class “low-cost”. Thus, the airline called ” The Company ” offers flights between Paris and New York from 1200 € round trip, a price of 35 to 65% lower than those of the competition. Of course, 1200 € is not given in the absolute – after all, there are Paris New York flights from 377 € in eco class. But the quality has a price and 1200 € remains a reasonable price to travel in a B757 containing only 74 passengers on board.

The company Open Skies (subsidiary of British Airways) is another company that favors high-end (although the company also has 11 rows in economy class). The peculiarity of the company: 3 flights a week from Orly airport is operated in the direction of New York only and only 114 passengers can board. In class Biz Bed Open Skies (the equivalent of the business class on other lines) rates start at 1236 € A / R per person. The other alternative to Open Skies is their semi-economic class which remains a very good compromise between the traditional eco class and the business class with rates starting at 555 € A / R per person. A beautiful case!

Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe
Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe

2. Book your flight in advance

Certainly, “The Company” offers great prices … only between Paris and New York. But what if you want to travel in business class to another destination, for example in Singapore? Try, as far as possible, to buy your business class ticket several months in advance. It may seem obvious, but just as for economy class, it can save you money in advance. For more information on the best time to book airline tickets: Visit our page when buying plane tickets to save money.

Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe
Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe

3. Our advice to be upgraded

Most airlines practice so-called overbooking. The concept is simple: as there are still a certain number of passengers who do not show up for check-in on D-Day (illness, delay …), the airlines sell a few more plane tickets than there is no room on the plane. Generally, there are more cancellations than overbooking, so that everyone can get on board. But sometimes, there are not enough seats on the plane to accommodate all passengers. If an airline refuses passengers, it is obliged to find another flight and give them between 250 and 600 € compensation per person for the inconvenience, which is quickly expensive.

As a result, when there is overbooking in economy class and there are still empty seats in business class, the companies offer to upgrade certain passengers, that is to say they will offer some passengers the class economic to travel in business class at no extra cost (to free up space and accommodate everyone on the plane).

Traveling in business class at the price of the economy class is the foot. Be careful though: airlines do not outclass anyone. To increase your chances of being outclassed, it is better to:

– Traveling in peak periods and making sure that the plane is full or almost, which increases your chances of being overbooked

– Be a member of the loyalty program of the alliance to which your airline belongs (For example SkyTeam for Air France)

– To be dressed in a correct way. Without going to the costume, be clean on you and forget your jogging.

– Traveling alone or in a couple (For the same reasons)

Also, find our practical lesson in 15 points to be upgraded in a dedicated article

Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe
Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe

4. More tips for traveling in business class cheap

If overbooking is not always guaranteed, here are some other tips for finding a cheap business class flight:

– Sign up for airline newsletters to receive special offers and discounted fares.

– Prefer Saturdays and Sundays to go on a trip because the seats are cheaper on weekends, indeed the businessmen move that very little weekend. Similarly during Christmas and summer.

– Earn miles (loyalty points) on every flight you make, it can be very quickly profitable if you travel a lot. When you want and when you have acquired a certain number of points, exchange them for air tickets or a free upgrade (or lower cost) in business class.

– Participate in an auction. To fill vacancies in business class, some airlines offer the passengers of the economy class an auction. Qantas, for example, warns up to 7 days in advance of future travelers who may or may not offer an auction by mixing their loyalty point and cash. Other companies that apply the auctions: Virgin Australia, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad Airways and Cathay Pacific.

Finally, our flight comparator will be your best ally. If you have your exact travel dates, you can compare the prices of different companies by choosing the business class. Example (as of January 16, 2017), if you want to travel to New York from Paris the week of April 10 to 16, the cheapest tickets in business class are at 1161 € A / R per person with the Norwegian company.

Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe
Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe

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