Trump signs order that ends the release of undocumented immigrants at the border

According to the president, “ridiculous liberal laws such as ‘catch and release'” prevent border guards from doing their job properly.

President Donald Trump signed an order today to advance the termination of “catch and release” (catch and release), a practice that consists of allowing undocumented detainees to be released after crossing the border.

“The president has signed a presidential memorandum that takes important steps to end ‘catch and release’, the dangerous practice with which undocumented immigrants who have violated our immigration laws are released in the US shortly after their arrest,” he said in a statement. the White House.

For Trump, the statement continues, “the safety of Americans is their top priority.”

The “catch and release” allows border agents to release the immigrants they trap with the idea that, if they do not pose a danger to national security, they can remain at liberty while waiting for an immigration trial to examine their deportation.

Trump recently criticized that “Border Patrol agents cannot do their job properly on the border because of the ridiculous liberal laws such as ‘catch and release’.”

Despite these criticisms, the Trump government, which has been in the White House for more than a year, has continued to implement this policy to this day.


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