Trump says he knew nothing about the payment to Stormy Daniels for his silence

The president speaks for the first time of the alleged relationship with the porn actress and the confidentiality agreement: “Ask my lawyer”Trump says he knew nothing about the payment to Stormy Daniels for his silence“Do not”. That is the first word that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has said about the case of the porn actress who has sued him in court. Trump broke his silence on Thursday after months of news reports on the matter. The president referred to only one point of the scandal: he denied that he knew that his lawyer had paid the actress $ 130,000 for his silence.

Trump answered a question from reporters at Air Force One this Thursday. They asked him if he knew about the payment and he said: “No”, no. What else? “Then they asked him why his lawyer made that payment if the story of Daniels is supposed to be a lie.” They’ll have to ask Michael Cohen, Michael is my lawyer, they have to ask him. “Then the journalist he asks if he knows where the money came from for payment. “No, I do not know. Do not”.

Michael Cohen is the personal lawyer and plumber of Trump’s problems. Two weeks before the November 2016 election, Cohen offered porn actress Stormy Daniels $ 130,000 in exchange for signing a confidentiality contract about the alleged sexual relationship he had with Trump a decade earlier. History had begun to emerge in the press that month and in this way was silenced. The White House denies that this sexual encounter took place. The president has not denied it directly.

Months later, when newspaper investigations revealed the payment in question, Cohen claimed that he had paid Stormy Daniels out of pocket , more specifically, that he had “facilitated” the payment. He added that no one from the election campaign or the Trump companies reimbursed him the money and that Trump was not aware of the matter.

In the face of growing media pressure, Stormy Daniels, represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, decided to file a lawsuit in Los Angeles court requesting the nullity of the confidentiality agreement. In that lawsuit he revealed all the details of his relationship with Trump and the content of the contract itself.The payment in question is one of the most delicate points in history. First, Michael Cohen assures that Trump did not know anything, but at the same time the payment was made in his name. If so, you may be breaking the rules by not informing your customer. On the other hand, an association of Washington has denounced that, being a money destined to change the public perception about Trump, it is a contribution to the undeclared electoral campaign, which is a crime. That path has not yet advanced.

The defense Stormy Daniels tries to give as much publicity as possible to the matter to involve his client in support of a possible legal counteroffensive of the president. Lawyers for Trump and Cohen have already threatened to demand $ 20 million for breach of contract.

Attorney Michael Avenatti is trying to get the president to appear in court to clarify his role in the matter. This Thursday he tweeted that what the president had said was “great” and that it reinforced his case. Trump’s defense is about resolving this in a private arbitration.

To the complaint of Stormy Daniels are added two more women who crossedTrump’s life between 2006 and 2007. Playboy ex-model Karen McDougal also ensures that she slept with him and has also denounced to break the confidentiality agreement. Summer Zervos, an ex-contestant of The Apprentice , the television show presented by Trump, says Trump harassed her sexually. When the president denied it, she denounced him for defamation . That case goes on in New York.

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