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Cancer During Pregnancy: Is There a Safe Treatment?

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Cancer during pregnancy: is there a safe treatment?The cancer is the disease that has spread over the world. It is not specific to any race or culture, it is not exclusive of any particular environment, nor does it discriminate between sexes, ages or skin color. There are as many types of cancer as people are diagnosed. Appropriate treatment depends on the part of the body affected and the degree of progression of the cancer. In some cases, the tumor can be removed and in others it can be treated with drugs or radiation .  

While some people manage to fight cancer and live normal lives, you still can not say that there is a complete and definitive cure. Since the last decades, progress has been made in leaps and bounds on new treatments and new ways of coping with the symptoms and diseases associated with cancer .

Recently, at the last congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology , a team of researchers presented evidence on the possibility of effective cancer treatment even during pregnancy. Let’s see a little more about what it is …

The treatment against cancer does not involve risks for the baby

Cancer during pregnancy: is there a safe treatment?

They are not the majority of the cases, but it happens that many women are diagnosed with cancer thanks to routine studies during pregnancy . The most common are breast cancer and those related to the reproductive system.

According to scientists it is possible to treat cancer effectively without compromising the health of the baby, or that of the mother. The team of medical oncologists studied the cognitive development and cardiac functioning of two-year-old children, who had been exposed to radiation and / or in-uterochemotherapy . The results determined that the children did not present negative signs associated with exposure to cancer treatment.

Beyond how encouraging the results are, the scientists warn that their conclusions are valid for advanced pregnancies that is, after the first trimester. The first three months of pregnancy are decisive for the development of the fetus, since it is when the vital organs are formed. During the last two trimesters the fetus has more autonomy and a  strong immune system that protects it from potential harm.

Previous studies

Cancer during pregnancy: is there a safe treatment?

Previously, small investigations presented  evidence on the possibility of carrying out a treatment against cancer during pregnancy. The study presentedat the 2014 ESMO Congress  was a larger investigation that included different types of cancer and treatments, of more women of different ages.

The limitation that all studies still have is that none have tried the possibility of administering these treatments during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is not yet known exactly what the risks would be, but all agree that during the first trimester of pregnancy all types of cancer treatment should be avoided.

This is because they are usually highly aggressive treatments, and the fetus is still very weak. With very advanced cancer before the first trimester, most doctors recommend inducing an abortion in order to treat the cancer of the mother.

Cancer during pregnancy: is there a safe treatment?


Studies like this one indicate that in more advanced pregnancies, advancing birth may involve even more risks than being exposed to treatment. In any case, each case will be unique and doctors must indicate what is most appropriate for the mother and the baby.

Without a doubt it is a difficult decision . What do you think? Do you think that in any case the mother should continue with the pregnancy? Or should you first care for your own health? Do you know someone who has gone through this experience?

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