How Many Types of Cancer Do They Really Exist?

How many types of cancer do they really exist?

Cancer is one of the most lethal and common diseases among people of all ages, sexes, races, and cultures of the world. How much do we know about cancer? Why do we say that there is no cure for cancer if in fact there are people who do heal?

The truth is that there is much to discover about this terrible disease and scientists still can not answer all our questions. Do you know how many types of cancer actually exist? That is a question that we can not answer with absolute certainty, but let’s see what are the types of cancer known up to now.

Types of cancer known today

How many types of cancer do they really exist?

According to specialists, there are at least 200 types of cancer that humans can suffer. The cancer is a complex and odd (but unfortunately common) disease in which abnormal cells reproduce and multiply spreading and colonizing the tissues and organs of the human body.

Cancer can arise in any of the 60 organs that the human body has, but each type of cancer is unique, and as we mentioned above, there are up to 200 known types of cancer. This is because the type of cancer is not necessarily defined by the organ that it affects, but rather by the type of cell of the tissue in question. Here we could not make a list of each of those 200, so let’s briefly mention the most common and lethal types of cancer.

The most common types of cancer in the world

To analyze the most common types of cancer in the world it is useful to separate those that affect women more than men and vice versa. The five most common types of cancer in men are lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and liver cancer. Among them, it is worth mentioning that the most lethal ones are the lung, liver, and stomach.


The five most common types of cancer in women are breast cancer, colon cancer, cancer of the cervix, lungs, and stomach. In the case of women, the same types of cancer more common are at the same time those that cause more deaths annually.

How many types of cancer do they really exist?

Incidence of cancer around the world

As we will see below, the countries with the highest records of cancer patients have developed countries such as the United States and Germany, among others. However, if we look at the mortality rate, ( “next” on the map) these countries are in better conditions than countries with lower incidence such as Russia or Brazil.

The United States has a cancer incidence rate of 300 per 100 thousand inhabitants, and a mortality of 104 per 100 thousand patients. To continue with the example, Russia has an incidence rate of 200 and a mortality rate of 124.

The following map shows the incidence of cancer worldwide in shades of green. The countries with the lowest annual record of this disease are represented in clear tones and the countries with the highest record, with shades of darker green.

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