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Increase Donations to the Nra After the Parkland Massacre

Increase Donations
Increase Donations

Increase Donations: During the two weeks prior to the Parkland school killings, the National Rifle Association had received $ 27,000, and in the two weeks after the shooting, it received $ 70,000.

From the shooting at the school in Parkland, on February 14, have generated various debates around the control of weapons, the security required by students, parents, and teachers, and also have conducted research aimed at to the controversial National Rifle Association, NRA for its acronym in English.

Increase Donations to the Nra After the Parkland Massacre

The lives of the 17 Parkland students were snatched by the young Nikolas Cruz, who stormed the school with a firearm. However, despite the movement that has been generated around the issue of weapons in the United States, the NRA continues to rise, and the figures confirm it.

An article published recounts the donations received by the NRA before and after the Parkland massacre. A comparison between the two weeks before the unfortunate event and the two weeks that followed speaks for itself. Prior to February 14, during the first two weeks, the entity had received $ 27,000. In the next two weeks, he received $ 70,000.

According to data on the NRA, published by the Center for Responsive Politics, an NGO, the month of February marked a record in donations compared to the previous 11 months. In just 28 days, $ 779,000 was raised. This amount is divided into 51 contributions before the massacre, and 226 after the unfortunate incident.

The reasons for this remarkable increase in donations are not yet clear. However, the Center for Responsive Politics has raised two possible justifications. The NRA has increased the promotion as a result of the events, as a way to counteract the impact that critics and organizations have in favor of arms control. On the other hand, the debate itself, which has confronted those on both sides of the issue, would have favored this increase in donations.

This behavior has been seen in previous massacres, such as the one in December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 children and six adults died. In 2013, an increase in donations to the NRA was reported by 63% compared to the previous year.

It is known that the NRA has regularly supported the political campaigns of candidates of the Republican Party. This entity, created in 1871, demonstrates that not only is it a group of hunting enthusiasts and gun enthusiasts, but its powerful actions reach policy areas.

As the Center for Responsive Politics added in its study, during the 2016 election campaign, the NRA invested 50 million dollars.


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