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Trump Accuses Amazon of Throwing Thousands of Merchants Out of Business and Paying Few Taxes

The president returns to the charge against the company of Jeff Bezos, also the owner of ‘The Washington Post’

Donald Trump woke up this Thursday with the attack on one of his classic objectives: the Amazon company, founded by Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post, another black beast for the US president. “I have expressed my concern for Amazon long before the election, unlike others, they pay little or no tax to state and local governments, use our postal system as a delivery guy (causing tremendous losses for the United States) and are leaving out of the business to many thousands of retailers, “was dispatched to your Twitter account.

The criticism came after a bad day on the stock market for technology, which ended up losing more than 4% of its value, ballasted precisely by the possibility that the Trump Administration toughen the regulation on electronic commerce, its cake. The deregulation eagerness of this new stage in Washington, of which the president himself has demonstrated, clashes with the concern for the damage that the competition of this distribution giant causes to the small commerce.

In August he already complained. “Amazon is causing great harm to merchants who pay taxes. Villages, cities, and states across the United States are being harmed, “he said.

The quarrels are old. During the electoral campaign, Trump already attacked against Bezos. “Use The Washington Post for power, so that politicians in Washington do not put Amazon taxes that should put it,” he said. His criticism came to question the freedom of the press, as when he warned that, if he won the elections, he would reform the laws on libel in order to denounce media such as The New York Times and the Post, because he considered that they unfairly covered the of the Trump universe.


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