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Yes, Jennifer Lopez Also Dies for the Chops!

When he arrived in Los Angeles, he called his mother to tell her how they prepared them in Puerto Rico.

A few months ago, Kim Kardashian killed us with envy when she posted some pictures with Kris Jenner & Co. at Jennifer Lopez’s house, where the taco night was held.

And nothing to see the images, we all wanted to know if they really had tasted the tacos, or the culinary event was just an excuse to see and be seen.

But when you exercise your body daily and from six in the morning like Kardashian or Jennifer herself, it is possible to combine a healthy diet with food that makes us feel good. Hello, comfort food! And although J. Lo almost never can cook for lack of time, he has his favorite dishes.

Like Katie Holmes, who can not resist the quesadilla of a Mexican fast-food chain, the celebrity will go for the food of her country; more specifically, for the chops with rice and vegetables. He has told the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “When I moved to Los Angeles, I called home and it was like, ‘Mom, I miss your food.’ I asked her to show me the recipes and she explained them to me over the phone. “

In addition, Jennifer defies that rule that dictates that you can not eat anything after 6 pm (in the United States) so that digestion does not choke us. And by the way, not to get fat. “I do not think you should blame yourself if you make a mistake or if you eat a potato chip. Everyone dies for a cookie or for a piece of cake, also for fried chicken from time to time. It’s not about that, “the diva told People magazine a few years ago.

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