United States: who is Joseph Mifsud, the mysterious professor who put the Donald Trump team in contact with the Russians

What is the connection between the purchase of a nuclear installation, the protagonist of a television program that also dresses the British prime minister and the investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the campaign of US President Donald Trump?

A person. The academic Joseph Mifsud , of the Diplomatic Academy of London, originally from Malta, who has contacts with members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom and former officials of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), among others.

It was he who put the Trump team in touch with the Russians.

An investigation by the Early In Time Newsnight program about Mifsud reveals the connections of the enigmatic professor and his close circle.

Among them are a person very close to the Kremlin and a man named Stephan Roh, a businessman of dubious reputation who bought a nuclear power company that suddenly began to generate millions of dollars.

Mifsud left his job at the University of Malta in strange circumstances in 2007 to accept the management of a new educational center in Slovenia.

From there he also left, amid accusations of fraud , for having requested the reimbursement of expenses for US $ 48,550.

The route

His next stop was the Diplomatic Academy of London, in 2013 . It was a project that failed and that was somehow connected with the University of East Anglia, in England, and later with that of Stirling, in Scotland.

In a conference he was introduced as Ambassador Mifsud, although it is true that for six months he worked with the Foreign Minister of Malta, he was never a diplomat .

He became the king of selfies in diplomatic circuits. He appeared in photographs accompanied by Boris Johnson, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, and the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom .

He was also involved with a private university in Rome that included two former Italian Foreign Ministers among his staff.

In Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, he worked for a research center run by Prince Turki al Faisal , who was at the head of the Saudi intelligence agency. During his time there, he invited a former CIA official to a seminar he dictated.

Tying ropes

Mifsud was committed to a woman in Ukraine, according to the Buzzfeed publication. She, however, said that she had not heard from the professor in months. But two months ago she gave birth to her daughter .

In April 2016, ahead of the US presidential election, Trump’s foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulus , said Mifsud told him that the Russians had compromising information about Hillary Clinton in thousands of emails , according to documents presented to a court in the United States.

That information, which Papadopoulus unintentionally shared with an Australian at a London bar, came to US officials a few weeks later, when emails from the Democratic Party in the United States. illegally obtained were made public.

The exchange was so worrisome for the FBI , according to what transpired, that the agency decided to initiate an investigation into the alleged interference of Russia in the 2016 elections and the help that the team in charge of the Trump campaign could have provided.

Last year Papadopoulus pled guilty to admitting that he had lied to the FBI about contacts he had had with people who claimed they could put him in touch with the Russian government.

The suspicion

A former colleague of Mifsud described him as a cunning and malicious person who is part of a “third-class diplomatic community comprised of braggarts” .

So perhaps he exaggerated his closeness to the Kremlin to impress Papadopoulus, but one source says: “It is clear that Mifsud knew something before the others found out, and that generates suspicion.”

It was reported that, in April 2016 and through an email, Mifsud contacted Papadopoulus with Ivan Timofeev , who works in a research center close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

That same month, Mifsud was in Moscow as part of a panel at an event organized by the Valdai Club, which has the support of the Kremlin, along with Timofeev and a third man, Stephan Roh, a German billionaire.

Mifsud and Roh strengthened ties. In 2014, Roh became a visiting professor at the Diplomatic Academy in London, later he bought Link Campus University, a private institution in Rome where Mifsud worked, and he, in turn, became an advisor to Roh’s law firm.

More connections

The German billionaire and his Russian-born wife, Olga, have residences in Switzerland, Monaco, London and Hong Kong. They also own a castle in Scotland. After their purchase they became the Baron and Baroness of Inchdrewer.

Olga was one of the protagonists of a program of the American chain Fox called “Meet the Russians”. In his chapters, and in the midst of the extreme wealth he displays, he purrs: ” My family was always focused on achievements .”

Olga has extraordinary connections. He runs a luxury fashion company that is located in Mayfair, an expensive London neighborhood.

Among its clients, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. There is a photograph in which the president is seen in a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II wearing an Olga Roh coat

The money track

In 2005 Roh bought the Severnvale Nuclear Services company, owned by British nuclear scientist John Harbottle, who was subsequently invited to a conference in Moscow with all expenses paid.

But Harbottle was aware that those who visit Moscow can be involved in compromising situations: “It smelled like rat, there was something suspicious, so I decided not to go to the meeting .

Shortly after that incident, he was fired.

While Harbottle was in charge, the annual profits of the nuclear installation were approximately US $ 50,000. Three years after Roh took over, the return was US $ 43 million a year.

The Early In Time contacted Roh to ask him to explain how he managed to transform the company. But he declined the offer .

Mifsud was also contacted, but did not respond to Newsnight’s request. He has always denied, however, that he is a spy .

On occasion, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica interviewed the mysterious professor, and this was one of his answers: ” Secret agent, I have never received anything from the Russians, I have a clear conscience.”

The FBI’s investigation into the collusion between the Trump team and Russia continues, and as it progresses, it reveals the disturbing connections of characters such as Mifsud and Roh.


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