You’re going to FLIP when you find out what prohibits you from doing Rose Leslie to Kit Harington at home

The only one in the world who can take advantage of having Jon Snow at home and does not do it!

If we learned something from Friends, it is that if you are an actor in a television series, when your character dies, as it happens with Joey, you stop receiving the scripts at home. No matter how important you were in the show or how much you would like the fans: if the writers kill you, you’ll have to wait for the next chapters to be broadcast to see what happens as any neighbor.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington. © Getty

But of course, made the law, made the trap. You do not have to receive any script once you leave the series, but if your partner is still inside, you have full access to all the plots that are about to arrive.

Just the situation that is currently Rose Leslie, the fiancé of Kit Harington, whose character Ygritte died in the fourth season of Game of Thrones while that of his future husband, Jon Snow, is still alive in the eighth and final season that currently, It is rolling.

But having a power does not mean you have to use it, and that is what the British have incomprehensibly decided, which unlike what the rest of the world would do, has asked Harington to read the scripts of the last chapters when she does not be present to avoid spoilers.

“With Game of Thrones I’m just as fanatical as the rest of the planet, so I ‘m obviously looking forward to the premiere of the last season,” the actress said during a visit to Seth Meyers’ Late Night show.

“I remember that all the scripts started coming to Kit’s iPad this summer, but when he started reading them I told him to go away, camping or going to a cafeteria, but please do not read them while I was there,” he said. “For example, if I see that he opens his eyes a lot, or that he gets rigid, I know someone is going to die, and then my head starts to work and I do not want to.”

“Let me tell you something: of course someone is going to die in the last Game of Thrones season,” joked the presenter with her. “Do you think?” Leslie replied. “It would be a surprise if nobody died in the last season of the series. That really would be a turn of the script that no one expected!. “


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