Trump dismisses his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson

The falcon Mike Pompeo, until now director of the CIA, will be in charge of the position that directs the international relations of the United StatesThe president of the United States, Donald Trump, today opened a new crisis in his turbulent cabinet. A few days after the tariff war began and of accepting by surprise to meet face to face with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, the republican leader announced the dismissal of his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, and his replacement by the director of the CIA, the falcon Mike Pompeo.

The head of the CIA will be occupied in turn by Gina Haspel, the first woman in charge. Both the post of Pompeo, a former Republican congressman, and Haspel’s require confirmation from the Senate. With the departure of Tillerson, falls another of the heavyweights of the moderate sector (last week was the economic adviser, Gary Cohn) and confirms once again the immense capacity of Trump to burn equipment.

“Mike Pompeo, director of the CIA, will be our new secretary of state, he will do a fantastic job, thanks to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel [until now, deputy director of the CIA] will be the new director of the CIA, and the first woman to reach this position, Congratulations to her! “, the US president wrote in the tweet that published a crisis that, according to CNN, was not previously reported to the Secretary of State.

The dismissal, another one in one of the most convulsive cabinets in the history of the United States, confirms a fracture that was already well known. Tillerson, former boss of the oil giant Exxon, had clashed with the president from the first weeks.

Reflective and accustomed to long-term agreements, his management was pulverized by the Trump style. The untimely tuis of the president and his eagerness to assume the diplomatic command at all times deepened this distance and coined in Washington the term Rexit (of Rex and Brexit).

This dismal relationship was revealed when in July it was leaked that, after a dispute in the Oval Office, Tillerson, desperate, had told his team that Trump was a “stupid”. A statement that in the repeated interviews that were never denied.

And that led the president to humiliate him publicly with the following comment: “I think it’s false information; but if he said it, then I guess we’ll have to compare our intelligence coefficients. And I can assure you who is going to win. “

Contempt transcended the personal. Trump imposed his steamroller to the State Department where he could. He cut his budget by 30% and, on each occasion, showed his displeasure with the Tillerson guidelines.

It happened with his bet by a dialogue with North Korea, that in his day Trump considered in a tweet “a loss of time”; with the Paris Agreement against Climate Change, whose departure it opposed; with its strategy in the Middle East, contrary to moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, and especially with the nuclear pact with Iran and the allies, which the Secretary of State barely saved thanks to the support of the National Security Adviser, Herbert McMaster, and the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.

A decision that Trump, despite having assumed it by internal pressure, did not stop complaining in public and in private.

The disagreements were so notorious that they had turned Tillerson into a walking corpse since last November. They spoke openly of his departure and his replacement by Pompeo. His lack of charisma and the scant support provided by the diplomatic corps, for whom he never ceased to be a stranger, increased a sense of provisionality that has rushed with the face to face that the president decided to maintain with the North Korean Supreme Leader. This was, according to the American media, the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Trump received last Thursday at the White House the South Korean emissaries who had met with Kim Jong-un and moved his offer of direct dialogue. To the surprise of those present at the meeting, Trump accepted the challenge without consulting anyone and also ordered that Seoul’s own legacy was in charge of announcing it to the world in the same building of the White House. Only once the decision was made, Tillerson was informed.

The Secretary of State was in Africa on a trip and the blow, the immense contempt for his advice and the diplomatic corps, left him stunned. So much so that, according to the American media, he had to cancel all his activities claiming a sudden discomfort. Five days later, Trump has announced his dismissal.


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